Hindu Munnani welcomes the stand of TN Government on Ram Sethu

The centre had rejected the Tamilnadu Government’s stand that the Sethusamudram project must be scrapped ‘as the project is of questionable economic value and not in public interest.  Earlier, Mohan Parasaran, Solicitor General of India, declined to appear before the Supreme Court on affidavit filed by the Centre on Ram Sethu case. Senior Advocate Rajeev Dhavan who was supposed to appear on Tuesday before the Supreme Court refused to do so. The Tamilnadu government has reiterated the Supreme Court should direct the Centre not to implement the Sethusamudram project.
Sri Ramagopalan, Hindu Munnani, in a press release, has welcomed the stand of Tamilnadu Government to scrap the Sethusamudram Project and regard the bridge as a national monument. He also cautioned that the Hindus will not tolerate if any action taken by the Central Government against their sentiments.   

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