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Chennai Sandesh
16, December, 2013

When Unity Run united many sections of society 

Sri Nataraj is a former DGP of Tamilnadu. Sri Balachandran is also a former DGP of Tamilnadu. Both of them were seen on December 15 briskly running along Chennai Beach along with thousands of youngsters in the Unity Run on the occasion of 63rd Death anniversary of Sardar Patel. Poovai Jagan Moorthy, a Dalit leader, was also seen participating in the Run along with his followers. Tamilnadu witnessed 65 such runs according to BJP sources. Puducherry (UT) Chief Minister N.Rangaswamy gave away prizes to youths who participated in the Unity Run. Kerala Ruling party whip (Congress) Sri P C George was seen flagging off the Unity March in Thiruvanthapuram. 

A lesson in how to honour the great

Subramania Bharati was a patriot and disciple of Lokmanya Tilak. He aroused freedom fervor among tamil population through his Nationalist poet. Last week on the occasion of 131st jayanthi of Bharati, an unusual scene was witnessed by Chennaities, particularly residents of Triplicane where Bharati lived and fought with the Britishers. A group of Bharati enthusiasts were seen carrying a decorated palanquin (Jati Pallakku) with a statue of Bharati installed in it. This is by way of fulfilling one of the wishes expressed by Bharati namely ‘I should be honoured with a palanquin’ which he expressed while he was fighting dire poverty during his short life time of 39 years. This thoughtful way of honouring a freedom fighter was the brainchild of a group of swayamsevaks living in the locality.

Jai Panchagavya! 

Gomata is in the news in Tamilnadu, unfortunately for wrong reasons. An estimated 50000 herds of cattle including cows and its progeny perished in a couple of months during the rainy season allegedly because of ‘the foot and mouth disease’. Every political party demanded compensation to the poor owners of the cows and went back to other business. Associations of agriculturists started demanding higher procurement price for milk following the loss of cows. They even threatened to stop milk production from January 1. In this desert of chaos, Sri Ravi (58), an agriculturist of Myiladuthurai, a District place in Tamilnadu, has a wonderful word of relief. Not a single cow out of 800 cows in his Goshala was touched by the disease. Ravi says ‘Panchagavya’ did the trick. He says he simply mixed one litre of Panchgavya in every water tank from which the cows drank the water. That proved to be a shield against the disease, he says. Jersey cows are the easiest victims to the disease whereas Swadeshi cows never bothered about the disease, according to Ravi.

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