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VSK Chennai Sandesh

Chennai Sandesh
  2, December, 2013
Bees Appointed As Anti Elephant Police!

It is a major step to reduce the man-animal conflict in the forest fringes. The Tamilnadu Forest Department has decided to raise beehives along the farms and forest boundaries to prevent wild elephants from entering human habitations. Raising beehives has proved to be an effective measure to stop intrusion of elephants as they are terrified of the insect. Following a study conducted in 2009, experts from the University of Oxford and the charity foundation ‘Save the Elephants’ set up a trial project to test whether hives containing African honey bees could prevent elephants from breaching farmland boundaries. Interestingly, the study, which monitored elephant raids over three crop seasons, discovered that 97 per cent of the raids were aborted when the field was protected by a fence equipped with a beehive every 10 metres.

Coimbatore Trust funded Bangalore BJP office blast?

The Karnataka police accused a Coimbatore-based Charitable Trust for Minorities in the charge-sheet relating to the April 17 bomb blasts outside the BJP office in Bangalore (In the incident 17 persons, including policemen, were injured). The charge-sheet said that the Trust had provided Rs.1.5 lakh to fund the blast.  The man who has been accused in the Bangalore blast case, Kitchan Buhari, had earlier worked with the trust. Coimbatore Commissioner of Police  A K Viswanathan said the city police  would probe the charge.

Crores pumped in into Tamilnadu. For what?

Tamil Nadu occupies the second position in the country in terms of influx of foreign funds for non-governmental organisation (NGO) activity in the State, according to information received through the Right to Information (RTI) Act from the MHA. Around 10 NGOs are under the scanner of the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) for flouting the Foreign Contribution Regulations Act (FCRA), according to Vamlunmang, joint secretary of the MHA (Foreign). NGOs working in the State had received about Rs. 1,650 crore from agencies abroad in 2008-09. The Home Ministry official also said although there were more than 40,000 NGOs registered under FCRA, only 20,000 filed their annual returns.


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