VHP to launch Nationwide Democratic Agitation against Communal Violence Bill

We Oppose Communal Violence Bill because it discriminates against Hindus
VHP to Launch Nation-wide Democratic Peaceful Agitation against the Bill

New Delhi, December 5, 2013

As the announcement by the Union Govt bringing the Communal Violence bill is made public, Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) has formally opposed the bill and any move to bring the bill. Opposing the bill VHP International Working President Dr Pravin Togadia said, “The so called Communal Violence bill by whichever name it is introduced will be opposed democratically. The bill in the garb of protecting Muslims, actually targets Hindus. We urge the Union Govt not to bring such an unconstitutional bill to persecute Hindus. How the Bill targets Hindus: 

1. The bill has in its premise that all Hindus are criminals and all Muslims are innocent victims. This is a complete mockery of the natural justice & therefore the bill is completely anti-Hindu and discriminates against Hindus. Favouring Muslims and targeting Hindus is utterly unacceptable & totally unconstitutional. 

2. The international & basic principle of the law is that it should be equally applicable to all. But the Communal Violence bill targets Hindus whereas does not address violence by Muslims against Hindus and other communities. 

3. Another fundamental of justice is that until proven guilty by the highest Court, the accused is not a convict or guilty. Meaning, until then the accused is innocent, But in this bill the premise is that Hindus are guilty and only because a Muslim tells the police anything, Hindu will be arrested non-bailable treating Hindu guilty without trial. 

4. The responsibility of proving the crime is on the complainant. But in this bill, the arrested Hindu has to alone prove that she / he is innocent while without verifying the truth, the witnesses or words by the Muslim will be taken as the final word. This is a complete mockery of justice and religious discrimination against Hindus. 

5. By this bill, the Union Govt is giving all Police in Bharat in the hands of Muslims. The SP level officer of the police has to report to the Muslim complainant every week at the complainant’s home about the progress of the investigations! This way even the Jihadists will be able to get away with the severest of attacks on the nation whereas the Hindus will rot in the jails. Giving all controls of the police and judiciary in the hands of Muslims through this bill puts Bharat as a nation in permanent danger making every other community unsafe. 

6. Hindus are not allowed to utter the word ‘Muslim’ or if the Muslim businessman complains that his business is not doing well because of the Hindu businessman, then the Hindu businessman will be arrested and tried under this Communal violence bill. 

Dr Togadia urged all Hindus in Bharat to write letters in civilized and parliamentary language to the Hon. President of Bharat, to the Prime Minister of Bharat and to the Hon. Chief Justice of Bharat opposing the said bill. He also appealed all political parties to oppose the bill not only because it may affect the state powers but more importantly it gives full control of the police & judiciary and thereby of the nation to Muslims making Bharat most unsafe for all others. If the Govt. yet brings in the Communal Bill targeting Hindus then VHP will do nation-wide democratic agitations. 

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