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Chennai Sandesh
26, December, 2013

Nationalists not to be put up with this nonsense

The Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) founded in 2009 is an offshoot of the highly suspect Islamist outfit, the Popular Front of India. At a November 25 seminar of the SDPI, a highly inflammatory speech was made. Muslims were exhorted to prevent a government under Modi from taking over; failing which the fate of Muslims will be sealed, the speaker went on. The speaker was one Veerapandian, an anchor with Sun TV, notorious for his separatist bias which he keeps on airing from the vantage position of moderator in televised debates. A group of usual TV debate participants from nationalist organizations met the Chief News Editor of Sun TV Umashankar on December 24 and submitted a petition seeking the removal of Veerapandian as anchor. They further announced that they would not participate in any debate anchored by Veerapandian. Pon Radhakrishnan, state BJP president, strongly condemned Veerapandian’s antics and stated that BJP functionaries would not participate in the debates anchored by him. BJP has also called for a protest demo in Chennai against the venomous speech by Veerapandian.

An unnoticed threat to national security

While the country is preoccupied in dealing with infiltration from Bangla Desh, the stealthy operations of foreign nationals who roam about freely in our open society, also deserves close scrutiny in order to prevent any breach in national security. Two instances point to this danger. Seven Iranians who were roaming in the uniform of Police in Kaatoor and Ratnapuri areas of Coimbatore were caught by members of the public when the foreigners indulged in intimidation and extortion. The hosiery town of Tiruppur also witnessed nuisance by foreigners. Groups of Nigerians pose as export agents and syphon off the profits of duly registered export agencies. The misbehaviour of Nigerians in Goa too needs to be seen in this light. 

They swam in the path of Swamiji !

Under the auspices of Swami Vivekananda’s 150 th Jayanti Celebrations, an ‘All India Swimming Rally’ was conducted at Kanyakumari recently. Swimmers hailing from fishermen community residing along the coastal areas of the country participated in the rally and swam the distance from the shore to the Vivekananda Rock. They did dhyana at the Swaami Vivekananda Rock Memorial situate in mid sea at the southern tip of Bharat. Bula Chowdhry, MLA (CPM) and former national women’s swimming champion was the Chief Guest of the event. In her speech she observed: ‘Swami Vivekananda is the only answer for the present day problems’. She recalled how Swami Ji swam across the turbulent water body and reached the Rock. He drew inspiration from this land and shook the whole world by his powerful speech at Chicago, she added. Kshetra Samparka Pramuk Sri Mohanan Ji, Kshetra Pracharak Sri Stanumalayan, Prantha Sanghachalak Dr. M L Raja and other adhikaris graced the event. Earlier a Samudra Pooja was also performed.


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  1. Dog is barking at the SUN, MOUNTAIN- S.Arul Chennai

  2. Veerapandian is a truthful journalist