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VSK Chennai Sandesh

Chennai Sandesh
  12, November, 2013
Samskritam sweeps South
Public life in Tamilnadu for the past six decades has been poisoned by anti-North, anti-Hindi, anti-Hindu and anti-Samskrit euphoria.  Remarkable is the attempt by Samskrita Bharati of Tamilnadu to bring Tamil researchers and academicians on its stage the other day.  It was a literary meet held in a womens’ college in Chennai where half-a-dozen Tamil scholars expressed their anguish over the willful exclusion of Samskritam (by self-professed and politically minded Tamil enthusiasts) from the academic life.  Notable among the speakers on the occasion was Ma Ve Pasupathy, a Tamil researcher of repute, who surprised the audience with the information that many characters in ‘Manimekalai’, one of the Pancha Maha Kavya of Tamil, actually spoke in Samskritam and thus established that Samskritam is not “a dead language” as the European vested interests tried to make it. 
The dance of change by Natarajan
Meet Sri Natarajan belonging to what the Government lists as MBC community.  He was elected Panchayat President of Chinnamannur, in Theni District of Tamilnadu.  He found families in his community caught in economic burden by unnecessary expenditure during funeral rites, sometimes exceeding Rs.5,000/- He persuaded his community to stop the wasteful expenditure. By the same force of his persuasion he could see that Harijan, non-Harijan clashes in his Panchayat come to an end. In due course, his community became economically so viable and emotionally so munificent that it could whole-heartedly support education of children of all communities.  All this he could achieve in a matter of two years. (Based on information provided by Shri Thangaraj, a Samajik Samarastha Karyakartha)
What the media does not want to see
This is a story of three friends.  One friend passed away in an accident. Unable to bear the anguish, one of the other two friends died.  The third friend, also unable to bear the pangs of his two thick friends expired.  What is special about all this? The three friends belonged to three different communities; the first one was born in a Harijan family, the second one belonged to an MBC community and the third one belonged to a community of temple workers.  On the ground, the departure of a Harijan friend was so unbearable to two friends belonging to the so-called ‘caste Hindu’ community.  Their friendship was so deep.  This incident, which happened in Dindugal a district place in Tamilnadu, a couple of months back, came to the knowledge of a grassroots level worker of RSS. The heartless media which go gaga over conflicts between ‘SCs and caste Hindus’ kept a deafening silence over this wonderful instance of amity.

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  1. friendship is such a wonderful relationship which has to be felt...