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Chennai Sandesh
4, November, 2013

Thirst for change at the Centre-an indication 

The raging controversy over whether opinion polls should be banned or not points to the fact that Congress has become so jittery as to go against its own assurance that opinion polls will not be touched. The atmosphere is so building up that opinions are expressed as though a Modi Government at the Centre is certain to become a reality. The case in point is the comment by a Srilankan analyst published by Sunday Times of UK and picked up by the New Indian Express on November 4, 2013; “Dr Dayan Jayatilleka, a leading Sri Lankan strategic analyst and a former ambassador, has warned that an Indian government led by Narendra Modi will not bring any relief to Sri Lanka as Modi will not only be tougher than the present administration but will also give Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa a great role in national affairs, including foreign policy”. 

Official Protection to Church misuse of Government premises? 

Anganwadi is the name of the centres supposed to tackle malnutrition and health problems in children below 6 years of age and their mothers. There are 500 ICDS centres (sponsored by Government of India) in 20 districts in the State. But the Anganwadi situated in Pulianthope area of North Chennai was in the news for wrong reasons. A women employee of the Centre, against whom a series of complaints by locals are there. She siphons off money and material intended for the Centre for her personal use, says one such complaint. Now, a more serious complaint has been voiced by the locals, that she keeps on misuses the Anganwadi premises to conduct Evangelical meets in spite of repeated protests. The locals also say that officials turn a blind eye to all this and that the protesting locals are threatened by unsocial elements close to the women. 

Banana fiber to clothe humans? 

An association of agriculturists from the districts in Tamilnadu where plantain (kela) cultivation is predominant has come forwarded with a remarkable demand; they want the fiber from plantain trees to be used in fabric making. Similarly kela and its products should be marketed in unique business complexes situated in districts abundant in kela production. It may be noted that the National Research Centre for Banana is located in Trichy, one of the plantain districts. 


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