Hindus protest over denigration of religious iconography

Hindus were outraged when the Hindu deities were depicted on the label of alcoholic ginger beer bottles by an Australian Brewery company.  The label on the alcoholic bottles features a figure with Lord Ganesha’s distinctive elephant head superimposed on the body of Goddess Lakshmi.  A pot of fire spits from Lord Ganesha’s head and the image holds a stick on one hand and a cow’s head on the other. Distorted depiction of the Hindu deities for mercantile greed by the Australian brewery has come under fire by Hindu community all over the country. 
In Chennai, Hindu Munnani volunteers staged their protest in front of Australian Embassy demanding apology and the removal of religious iconography. Around 100 volunteers were arrested.  

Later on meeting the Ambassador, a letter of regret by the Australian Government was handed over to the representatives of Hindu Munnani.  They also promised to take necessary steps and assured that it will not be repeated. 
It should be remembered that in 2011 also, Hindus protested when the Hindu deity Goddess Lakshmi was portrayed on a swimsuit at Australian Fashion Week.

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  1. This is not the first time that foreign companies are depicting our revered Deities in irreverent manner for commercial purposes. When confronted, they apologize, and then repeat the offence in another form. They deliberately hoot and scoot. I think we must file criminal cases against these offenders and make them literally pay for it. If they have to dole out huge sums of money as compensation, they will think twice before committing such offences hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus.