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Baseless allegations by TNTJ against RSS-BJP

Recently during the first week of November, 2013 the official website of the ruling party in Tamilnadu www.aiadmkallindia.org has been hacked by a group which calls itself Pakistan Haxors Crew. Tamilnadu Towheed Jamath (TNTJ) group volunteers have pasted posters in Chennai with baseless allegations against RSS-BJP.  The poster claims that ‘RSS-BJP hacked the Official website of the ruling party and inflicting the revenge on Muslims; TNTJ demands stern action by the Government of Tamilnadu against them’. 

(Poster at Triplicane)

(Poster at Tambaram)

Tambaram Unit of BJP has lodged a complaint against TNTJ on this baseless allegations with Tambaram Police Station vide Complaint No.484/13 dated 15.11.2013. A Complaint has been lodged at the Commissioner of Police, Chennai too.


  1. It is only the Islamists who are adept at burning churches and throwing the blame on Hindus. Remember the mischief by a Muslim outfit by name 'Anjuman' ?

  2. If RSS are terrorists people then what about islamic terrorists. Has the islamic people have any word on this

  3. when muslim and christian people entered india they destroyed the beautiful temples of india and started preaching their own method of learning which is now developing like a silent virus. Is the Hindu people are terrorists. The culture of our country is whoever comes into our land we treat them as our friends and neighbours but we dont hit them at the back but these people are hitting at the back. The muslim and the christian people are destroying each and every piece of land which is allocated to us and they are enjoying the benefit.

    1. first of all india is ruled by MUGHALS...that time hindus and muslims are united do u know that...we want to establish a good relationship with other religions but B.J.P (RSS) are against this relation ship....