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Chennai Sandesh
  28 October, 2013
A rural tradition of Bihar shows the way
Ways and ways of meaningful celebration of Swami Vivekananda 150th Jayanthi are there.  ‘Swami Vivekananda Social Service Centre’ of Chennai distributed 1000 mango saplings to women self-help groups functioning in Chembarambakkam and Alathur, two villages near Chennai.  The idea is derived from the social tradition of planting 10 mango saplings whenever a girl child is born in the family in Darhara village in Bhagalpur District, Bihar.  The 10 trees grow up along with the girl and yield sufficient fruits and money is required for marrying off the girl later in life. The Service Centre’s programme held on October 10, was addressed by Smt.Gomathi Navin, Secretary Rashtra Sevika Samiti Tamilnadu.  

‘The Sangh training that saved hundreds of lives’: The New Indian Express
In an honorable exception, the New Indian Express of Chennai printed on its page 1 on October 28 a few good words about RSS.  Read on: “It could have been a stampede if BJP leaders had not adopted a tactical strategy to meet such an emergency. “We immediately came to know about the blasts taking place at regular intervals. We kept announcing that crackers had exploded,” said BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi. He added that all speakers, including Narendra Modi, avoided mentioning the blasts as it could have caused a stampede. An expert felt the rally was managed in a difficult situation due to the cadre’s training in the RSS and Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad.” As an instant reaction to the news of blast in the Patna rally, several towns in Tamilnadu witnessed BJP workers hitting the road to protest against violence of the jihadis, following the statement of the State Unit Chief of BJP, Pon Radhakrishnan, that two days protest demonstrations will be held throughout the State.  

Pathaka sales Dhamaka in Chennai
Sivakasi, the Deepavali cracker manufacturing town of Tamilnadu has reason to celebrate this year, with sales of crackers going up like the aerial shots (rockets) sales.  This has only to be compared with the slide in sales in the previous years, Church propaganda being one of the reasons.  Missionary schools instigated the children not to fire crackers on Deepavali day because crackers are products by Child labor.  A few karyakarthas broke this propaganda bubble through newspaper articles.  Also, this year, the State Government had to provide logistics like rows and rows of tent sheet stalls on Government land in Chennai for cracker sales, keeping in view the safety aspect.  In addition, traders offered quite a number of freebies to customers who buy considerable amount of crackers.

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  1. The sheer callousness of the Nitish Kumar Govt caused the loss of human lives in Patna and injury to several others. .Credit should be given to the Sangh Pariwar for maintaining utmost discipline and preventing a stampede after the blasts.