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7 October, 2013

Hindus ensure legal action on a vilifying Pathri

Hindus of Naduvakuruchi village in Thoothukudi District descended on the police station and demanded a case to be filed against one Thaayappan a Christian preacher. The preacher had vilified idol worship of the Hindus in a very bad language during his lecture in the CSI Church in the village precisely when a deepa puja was in progress in a nearby Ganesh temple. Earlier, a prominent Hindu person had asked the police Inspector to get an apology from Thaayappan; the police officer promised to do but failed to do so. Thaayappan escaped to Chennai. So the Hindus of the village led by activists forced the police department to file a case against the Christian preacher. In the meantime, a petition was filed in the Madurai Bench of Madras High Court seeking not to grant bail to the offender in this case by leading Hindu advocates. 

Politics divides, culture unites
A tone per day of very fragrant, fresh flowers including Tulsi and Lotus is supplied to Lord Balaji of Tirupathi for all the ten days of Brahmotsavam during the second week of October. This is the offering by a voluntary organization in Tamilnadu namely Pushpa Kainkarya Sabha of Palani in Dindugal District. If one remembers that politics was setting fire to peaceful life in Andhra over Telungana issue this balming effort on the cultural front will stand out as something wonderful. While politics divides, culture unites. Another instance in the same pattern is the several tones of flowers of various colors that Tamilnadu’s Kanyakumari District offered to Onam celebrations during September in Kerala. Flower arrangement in public places is an integral part of Onam and the Tamilnadu flower market was only too happy to meet the demand from the Kerala devotees. Again, across the artificial borders of States it is the culture acts as a bond uniting people in a very auspicious mission. 
The Public Innocence and the Media mischief on sleeper cells of terrorists

The innocent villagers of Puttur Andhra Pradesh were shocked when they came to know that Al-Ummah terrorists wanted by police had lived in hiding in their midst for the last six months. It may be pointed that two suspected murderers of Tamilnadu BJP Auditor Ramesh and Hindu Munnani State Secretary Vellaiyappan were arrested by Tamilnadu police last week from Puttur. This experience of Puttur village residents is the same in every other village in every state. That is, people are dangerously innocent. A few weeks back, published a news item in a five column heading lamenting that house owners in Coimbatore (a den of terrorists’ hideouts) refused to rent out their houses to Muslims. While the general public is innocent such a jarring note from Media only goes to misguide and confuse the public. 

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