Post Phailin Relief Work of Sangha in affected areas

A high level Sangha and UBSS team baithak was called at 3pm at the UBSS, Sewa Campus in Bhubaneswar to access the situation post cyclone and set out the works needs to be done in the affected areas.
Cyclone Phailin which was predicted for a landfall near Gopalpur arrived approximately between 8:30PM and 9:30PM on 12th October. The maximum sustainable speed at which it struck land was around 200kmph with gusting speed of 230kmph. As a result of this, the affected districts are Ganjam, Khurdha, Puri and Jagatshingpur. The worst affected areas are the 22 blocks of Ganjam district.

Swayamsevaks and karyakartas were kept alerted in those areas and cyclone shelters were arranged at Gopalpur, Berhampur and Chatrapur. Many Saraswati Vidya Mandir campuses were converted into cyclone shelters. Cooked and dry foods are getting served at all the relief camps. Many swayamsevaks came out on streets across the affected districts and contributed in restoring road communication by cutting and cleaning the fallen trees. 

The Pranta Sewa Pramukh and the Saha Pranta Pracharak have already reached Ganjam District to coordinate and speed up sewa work. The meeting today concluded with the following points.

1. All Sangha sewa work for this cyclone relief will be conducted under UBSS.

2. For the next 3 to 5 days point of focus will be to supply cooked and dry foods, safe drinking water health services , fodder for the cattle and temporary shelters.

3. The requirements on ground has to be reported to UBSS Organising Secretary by local karykartas through the Pranta Sewa Pramukh.

4. Medical teams are to be formed for visiting required sites.

5. UBSS shall adopt some villages for rehabilitation, based on the survey reports of the karyakartas.

6. A team of UBSS and Prachar Vibhag will visit Ganjam and other affected areas on 15th October.

7. UBSS will appeal for help in cash and kind to individuals, corporate houses, philanthropic organisations both at national and international level.

Additional details:

A. Ongoing Relief Centers are Present

1. Beharmpur – 4 centers

2. Gopalpur – 3 centers

3. Chatrapur – 1 center

B. 30 Villages including village Aryapalli around Gopalpur, Nimakhandi and Chatrapur, in Ganjam district are currently submerged underwater. 3 to 4 blocks in Gajapati District are also badly affected.

C. Total Casualties reported by 4:45PM on 13th October 2013

a. Ganjam – 12 Nos.

People present in the meeting:
Prant Pracharak

UBSS executive committee members
Vidya Bharati Organising Secretary
Saha Kshetra Karyawah
Members of Prachar Vibhag
Previous members of UBSS Executive committee
Puri bibhag prachark

By Golakha Chandra Das

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