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‘Jihadi Encounter’ going on at Chittoor District

Every year Tirupathi Brahmotsva Umbrella yatra to Tirupathi starts from Chennai on Mahalaya Amavasya day. The yatra passes through Elephant Gate, Choolai and Otteri in Chennai.  ‘Police’ Fakruddin, the wanted criminal was arrested by the Police in the daylight at the heart of the city near Chennai Central.  It is reported that he was planning to create havoc in the well-attended umbrella yatra to Lord Balaji. Based on the information given by ‘Police’ Fakruddin, the police rushed to Chittoor Gate (110 kms away from Chennai) where the other suspects Panna Ismail and Bilal Malik were hiding in a house.  When the CBCID Inspector tried to enter the house and arrest them, a bomb exploded and injured severely.  He is now admitted in a hospital in Chennai.  Encounter along with Andhra police is going on for the past five hours.  Police who took control of the village have requested the villagers to move away from their residence to a safer place.  It is now reported by the Andhra Police DGP Prasad Rao that Bilal Malik was arrested.  Bilal Malik, Police Fakruddin, Melapalayam Panna Ismail and Abubecckar Siddque are the suspects responsible for the killing of Sri Vellaiyappan of Hindu Munnani, Auditor Ramesh, BJP of Salem and the recent bomb blast at BJP Office in Bangalore.

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