Combining Temples with Toilets is improper & Imprudent - – VHP Vishwa Hindu Parishad

 New Delhi, October 4, 2013
VHP Vishwa Hindu Parishad feels that combining Temples with toilets was unnecessary while mentioning the importance of toilets. As we have already said, all are working towards better health & hygiene of Bharat. VHP Vishwa Hindu Parishad runs hundreds of Health Projects under its Sewa Department. However, referring to Temples as a lower choice than toilets was unnecessary as well as improper & VHP Vishwa Hindu Parishad is sad & shocked by this. Such uncalled for remarks combining toilets & temples hurt Hindu faith.
 Press Officially Issued by:
1.    Shri Raghav ji Reddy – International President, VHP
2.    Dr Pravin Togadia – International Working President, VHP
3.    Shri Ashok ji Chowgule – Working President – External – VHP
4.    Shri Champat Rai ji – International Secretary General - VHP

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