Case against Madani for murder attempt on Shri P Parameswaran

Kochi: Ernakulam North Police registered a case against Abdul Nasser Madani, in connection with a murder attempt on the president of KanyaKumari Vivekananda Kendram Shri P Parameswaran.

P.Parameswaran and a religious leader Father Alavi (who had converted from Islam to Christianity) were in the hit list of Madani who is now in Agrahara jail of Karnataka. As per the reports, he had given money to specially trained personnel to kill both the leaders.

Police incidentally caught a person named Mohammed from Kozhikode city and during the interrogation he had given out the shocking information. If this most heinous attack had happened as per their planning, it would have created a lot of unrest in Kerala. As per Mohammad, Madani had paid Asharaf from Marad who was entrusted to complete the heinous crime

Asharaf went to KanyaKumari to kill Parameswar ji, but fortunately, his plan didn’t work out. This was in 1998. Asharaf was arrested earlier in the Coimbatore blast case.

Most surprisingly, even though police have gotten the information, they have not started any investigation on this case. Recently, former Ayodhya press manager, T.J.Mohandas had approached Ernakulam Chief Judicial Majistrate to investigate on this most serious information obtained from Mohammed. Marad Asharaf is a professional killer who was also involved in the Coimbatore Bomb Blast Case and was arrested along with Madani. Madani was the 31st convicted in the Bangalore Blast case. But now it is so visible that Congress lead Ministry not interested to gave much trouble to Madani.

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