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Chennai Sandesh
30 September, 2013

Only the ‘spirit’ of Nationalism in BJP, not otherwise!
It was the huge maidaan in Trichy where Narendra Modi had addressed a mammoth gathering of BJP youth wing supporters on September 26. Early next morning 5 men carrying a gunny bag each on their shoulders slowly walked across the venue looking for something. At the end they came disappointed. About their disappointment the five men told the police on duty that usually after a political meeting they would be able to collect five gunny bags full of liquor bottles; they would sell the bottles and pocket a neat Rs.300. But after the BJP meet, they could collect not even a single bottle. 

Along with Naastha, Aastha too!
Soon 2.5 lakh children attending anganwadis in Tamilnadu will receive moral instruction as per the first phase of the State Government’s plan to “mentally prepare children before they join schools, moral values should be inculcated in them”. There are 54,439 anganwadi centres in the State. Eight moral stories would be printed in colour on foam boards and would be displayed at the centres. The state Government has allocated Rs. 1.2 crore for this scheme. This announcement by Chief Minister Jayalalitha is comparable to her own announcement last year, to impart religious education to children in temples administered by Government. 

A fresh breeze blowing in Tamilnadu politics

A rare occurrence in the political arena. Dr. S Ramadoss, founder of Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK), wrote a well researched article in the Tamil daily ‘Dinamani’ on September 25, expressing his anguish at the mounting challenges on the institution of family in our society. The article highlights the pitiable condition of children in the broken families of the Western countries and warns families in our country to take note of this. The political leader at one point observes that the family came into existence well before Governments were formed. He has pointed out that family plays a major role in the economy and development of Tamilnadu.

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