Solicitor General declines to appear on Ram Sethu case

Solicitor General of India, Mohan Parasaran has declined to appear before Supreme Court on the Ram Sethu case.

"I have faith that Lord Rama exists and he used this bridge,' he said.  UPA  Govt has now asked Constitutional expert Rajeev Dhawan to appear for the shipping ministry.

Earlier, the Centre rejected the Tamil Nadu government’s stand that the Sethusamudram project must be scrapped “as the project is of questionable economic value and not in public interest.”

The Centre stated that it did not accept the conclusions and recommendations of the Expert Committee headed by Dr. Pachauri that it was unlikely that public interest would be served if the project was implemented as per Alignment No. 4A (alternative route suggested by the court as against the original Alignment No. 6, which will cut through the Ram Setu.)

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