Another Dirty Trick by Church Lobbyists

United Nations in its resolution A/RES/67/105 designated the 5th of September, the anniversary of the death of Mother Teresa, as the International Day of Charity.  Hundreds of people who gathered to observe the death anniversary of Blessed Teresa of Kolkata also observed the UN’s first International Day of Charity designated to honor the Catholic nun. To an average Indian, September 5 is Teacher's Day, coinciding with the birthday of internationally renowned the Philosopher President Dr S Radhakrishnan. Leveraging a UN resolution to superimpose ''International" days on such a national day is nothing but an old dirty trick by church-instigated lobbyists.

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  1. Church promoting "friend ship day" on "Raksha Bandhan day" this trick they are doing from several centuries.

  2. the arrogance and cunning of the Church backed by White christian nations have reached a limit. If teresa was so concerned about the poor she could have served the poor of her country albania which is very poor compared to all her European neighbors. so her agenda was to convert the Hindus.

  3. simple is not to celebrate any international day bcz most are unwarranted. as all day is a mothers day we don't want one for that, we don't require, valentine's day etc.