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The Pravas of Sarsanghachalak that turned out to be a lesson in the art of Sampark

The August pravas in Tamilnadu of Pa.Pu. Sarsanghachalak Sri Mohan Ji Bhagawat began with a pushpanjali to Adi Sankara statue at Sankara University wherein he had a look at the rare manuscripts from many parts of the world housed there. Then he visited ancient Kamakshi Amman Temple and had a darshan of Kamakshi. The Kanchipuram pravas came to an end with his darshan of Jayendra Shankaracharya and his junior Vijayendra Saraswathi in Kanchipuram on August 14.
On August 15, Sri Mohan Bhagawat hoisted the National tri-colour in RL Institute of Nautical Sciences, Madurai.  Later in the day, Mohan Ji presented a statue of Swami Vivekananda to Sri Lakshmipathy the founder of the college who is also the Chairman of Press Trust of India.  He participated in the Raksha Bandhan utsav at the famous Dr.Arvind Eye Hospital Madurai.  Swayamsevaks of Madurai were benefitted by his Boudhik at a jilla sanghik.  

Dr. S S Badrinath receiving Mohan Ji Bhagawat

Dr.Mohan Ji Bhagawat addressing the gathering

Back in Chennai, Mohan Ji Bhagwat addressed an impressive gathering of Doctors’ and Managing committee members of the Internationally renowned Sankara Nethralaya on August 22.  Mohan Ji paid a visit to Sri Ramakrishna Mutt, Chennai and met Swami Gautamananda, the President of the Mutt.  Mohan Ji also participated in Elites’ Meet.
The Sarsanghachalak’s itinerary included a visit to the sprawling Ashram of Sri Shiva Sankar Baba wherein was held the recent ABKM meet of the Sangh.


  • The Sarsanghachalak of RSS had a heart to heart exchange of ideas with Tamil scholars including the former Vice Chancellor and others. The questions from the Scholars and Tamil enthusiasts reflected their genuine interest in knowing the ideals and working system of RSS.
  • Mohan ji was invited by an old traditional joint family in Chennai for lunch.  During his visit there, the family members were benefitted by an enlightening talk by Sri Mohan Ji.  Remarkable was Mohan Ji’s answer to a question by a tiny tot in the family; “Why did Swami Vivekananda wear a turban?” Mohan Ji asked the kid whether he had ever been taken to the Ramakrishna Mutt. It is there that you can see pictures Swami Ji without turban. In Chicago Swami Ji had to address a formal meeting. So he wore a turban for the occasion.  That pose became very popular. That was the answer which in fact is a direction to the family to provide healthy spiritual exposure to the young ones in the family.  Also, once RSS takes up spreading a word nationwide, it reaches the last man, nay, even the child. That was proved in this anecdote.

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