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Eradicate Economic Disparity to Ensure National Security

There is an urgent need to prepare a strong integrated national security policy and the intellectual class should be part of this effort said Shri Indresh Kumar, member of the RSS national executive. He was speaking at the inaugural event of Forum for Integrated National Security (FINS) at Raipur.
A government that discounts national security in spite of a strong internal unity, puts the nation in peril, he warned. Former Editor of “Organiser” and Secretary General of FINS, Sheshadri Chari also spoke on “Smaller States and Economic Federalism.

Shri Indresh Kumar highlighted the role of the citizens in nation building and suggested that while our internal strengths have produced good professionals in various fields, we should not underestimate the growing unrest due to stark economic disparity. He welcomed the formation of smaller states but cautioned against being impractical or falling prey to politics of appeasement. While we are moving from centralized to market economy, we must employ the combined strengths of states and the centre for the success of economic federalism, he said.

He called for concerted efforts to eradicate poverty and economic disparities through optimum use of developmental programmes. Stressing on the need to follow a cautious path while creating smaller states, he identified social inequality arising out of economic disparity as the main danger to national security.
Sheshadri Chari, Secretary General of FINS said that while the political aspects of federalism have succeeded, the economic federalism is yet to take roots and reach its logical conclusion. Many of the states, especially the smaller states are forced to work on the economic lines provided by the central government because of the centralized financial and planning institutions like the planning commission the RBI and some nodal ministries who do all the planning.

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