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Drive out evil forces to make India strong, appeals Indresh Kumar

(source: newsbharati)

Vadodara, August 27: "Nek bano, ek bano shaitan ko khaded do" (Be honest, be united and throw away the Satan) exhorted Indresh Kumar, Patron of Muslim Rashtriya Manch (MRM) here recently.

Addressing a fairly large attendance of prominent Muslim and Hindu citizens of Vadodara, the historic city of Gujarat, assembled at Gandhi Hall ignoring the drizzle on the occasion of Id Milan and Rakshabandhan program, Indresh Kumar appealed to the people to be honest, united and foil the attempts of the evil forces attempting to disturb the communal harmony in our country.

The program was organized by Gujarat unit of Muslim Rashtriya Manch. State unit convener Ganibhai Qureshi conducted the proceedings of the program. Noted religious luminaries of Vadodara including Vashainvacharya Pujya Dwarkesh Lalji Maharaj, Sayyad Moinuddin Kamaluddin Rizvi Sahab, Yusuf Pathan, father of cricketer Irfan Pathan, and others were conspicuous by their presence.

National Convener of MRM Mohd. Afzal, all co-conveners and members of the central committee were prominently present at the program.

Pujya Sri Dwarkesh Lalji Maharaj showered praise on the noble mission of the MRM and said that this program of Id and Rakshabandhan would act a bridge between the Hindu and Muslim communities of India. No religion has ever supported violence against other religions, he said.

Commenting on the drizzle that continued all through the program the Vaishanva saint explained it as a blessings from the Almighty who send his approval of this noble mission in the form of drizzle after a gap of couple of days.

Sayyad Moinuddin Kamaluddin sahab said that this program and initiative of the MRM would go a long way in removing separatism and inject the feelings of oneness and brotherhood and communal harmony in the country. "This is the best way to achieve communal harmony", he added.

The Muslim and Hindu sisters participating in the program tied Rakhis to Muslim and Hindu brethren during the program exhibiting mutual love and harmony.

Addressing the gathering Indresh Kumar said "we all are one by ancestors, culture and community. We might have opted a different way of worship but that does not change our ancestors, castes and culture. Therefore, we are all one and the MRM has been instilling this feeling of oneness amongst the communities".

Referring to the growing incidents of corruption, violence and molestation of women the RSS leader said this was because of the lack and absence of strong moral values. This absence of values allowed the evil forces to influence our minds and intellect and deprived us of humane values, he added. We must strive to make India Corruption-free, violence-free and a harmonious lace to live in.

Making a fervent appeal to the audience Indresh Kumar said that each one of us wanted a caring mother, a loving wife and a darling sister. But when we were killing the girl child in the womb where would get all these? Attempting this would mean obstructing in the God's work. He appealed for saving the girl child and to give the women their due honorable position in the society so that the cycle of the nature moved smoothly.

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