‘Balagokulam’ celebrates Sri Krishna Jayanthi in kerala

Shri Krishna Jayanthi was celebrated all over the country with great enthusiasm. Balagokulam, an organisation of children, initiated by RSS celebrated Sree Krishna Jayanti/ Gokulashtami all across kerala with all its charm and devotion. Thousands of children, dressed up as sree krishna, Gopika and other similar characters from Krishna's life, were seen on the streets of each and every village and towns. Huge processions of these children, their parents and other devotees accompanied by beautiful tableaus and 'Chendamelam' (a typical kerala style drum set) were taken out in many places. Dr. Debashish Chattterjee (Director, IIM-kozhikkode) inaugurated the celebrations in Kozhikkode. Similarly, Dr. G. Madhavan Nair (Former chairman, ISRO and Secretory Department of Space) and Dr M. C. Dileep Kumar (Vice Chancellor, Sree Sankara Sanskrit University) inaugurated the Celebrations in Thiruvananthapuram and Kochi respectively. 

VHP aimed at protecting Dharmic identity of Hindus based on Hindu culture turns 50 on Janmastami day. VHP is composed of 70,000 committees looking after various Seva projects, including 37,000 one-teacher schools in remote villages and tribal areas. VHP runs 92 hospitals, 54 mobile dispensaries, 24 ambulances and 1,303 health-related projects. It manages 3,266 educational institutions and 45 orphanages in India.

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