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RSS demands Government to take effective steps against henious attacks in Tamilnadu

RSS Sah Sarkaryawah Sri Datatreya Hosabale today visited Sri Ramesh Ji's house and consoled the family. Then he attended the press people gathered in Salem.

STATEMENT BY DATTATREYA HOSABALE, RSS Sahsarkaryavah, after visiting and consoling the family members of Tiru V. Ramesh at Salem:

                                                     Sri Dattaji in centre (file photo)

The shocking incident of killing of Rameshji is a dastardly act of anti national jehadi terrorists. RSS severely condemns this brutality and demands from the govt to not only book the culprits early but take effective steps to check recurrence of such heinous attacks. The recent spate in violence and terror particularly against nationalist forces in Tamilnadu is a worrisome development in the state's public life. There is a clear evil design and conspiracy behind these targeted  attacks. All right thinking people should raise united voice against this. 
Rameshji was an ardent worker of Sangh and BJP, who endeared himself to a vast section of society by his helping nature. Being a noble soul he had no enemies. His sacrifice will not go in vain. It will inspire karyakartas of our movement to accept the challenge and work with redoubled vigour for the cause. I thank all the people who spontaneously participated in his funeral. The large turn out of people shows the popularity and affection Rameshji enjoyed as also their silent protest & anger against this heinous act.

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