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Chennai Sandesh
June 28, 2013
Emergency Days remembered:
Quite a few spotlights on the Dark Days
Nostalgia was pre-eminent by his presence at a June 26 Chennai gathering of men and women who had a taste of 1975-77 infamous emergency.  They were there to share their experiences in dodging arrest during the Dark Days or the pleasant experience of Krishna Mandira vasam (days in jail as MISA or DIR Detenus).  Listeners mostly from the present generation were thrilled by not only the contribution of Sangh but Sangh families as well in throwing out the dictator (read Indira Gandhi). 

The third and revised edition of the Tamil Book on the struggle against Emergency by Sri Ramagopalan of Hindu Munnani (who coordinated underground work during Emergency in Tamilnadu) was released on the occasion. Those who narrated their experiences during the 1975-77 Sangh ban received a copy each.  Chennai Vibhag Sanghachalak Sri Durai Shankar was in the chair.
On the occasion, Sri S Sambamurthy Sah Prantha Karyawah announced that an amount of one lakh rupees was sent to the relief work to Sangh in Uttranchal.  Sri M Veerabagu, Editor of Vijayabharatham, Tamil weekly announced a contribution of Rs.27,000 towards the same work on behalf of his paper. 

‘Yudhyasya katha ramya’, Ramagopalan began his talk; but he wanted everyone to ponder ‘what is my contribution?’.

"Photos on persons who shared experience during Emergency days"

Click here to view Emergency
view photos: 

Hindu Temple vandalized: Should one call
this a stab in the back?

Villagers of Okkarayenpettai in Namakkal District worship with great devotion a Mariamman (Kali) temple which has come up in memory of a saintly women of yore who lived their centuries back.  All on a sudden on June 21, idols in some parts of the temple were found damaged.  The villagers were naturally shocked. Police too did its job by arresting two persons, both of them Muslims and an FIR was promptly filed.  The villagers wondered how any Muslim of the place could forget the warm welcome accorded by them when they settled in the village years ago. The villagers suspect the mischief of some Islamist outfits in this.  The administration hurriedly called ‘peace meeting’ to water down any Hindu backlash.

Remarkable spread of Swadeshi amongst Chennai elite

The names of the participants read like a who is who list in Tamilnadu’s public life. Sri S Gurumurthy columnist, Sri Vaidya Subramanian Vice Chancellor of Sastra University, Sri G Narayanaswamy, Rajaji Centre for Public Affairs, Smt. Lakshmi, Correspondent, Meenakshi College for women, etc. add to this K N Govindacharya of National Swabhiman Movement.  The occasion was the release of the Tamil version of ‘World Beyond Marx and Market’, a compilation of speeches by S.Gurumurthy and translated by Swadeshi Jagran Manch activist Vanamamalai. A sample of points made at the release:
·  India is not dependent on the Western economies and its growth is mostly due to its savings and major economic role played by the Indian housewife. (Sri S.Gurumurthy)
·  There is a need for experts to study the Indian economic system rather than borrowing the Western concepts and implementing them in India. (SG)
·   The family and society are key to safeguard our economy.(SG)
· There is a need to rethink on those things that constitute development of our country. (Sri Govindacharya)

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