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VHP Demands Clear orders from Gujarat Govt to withdraw all orders forDeath & any Punishment for ALL Hindus in ALL CASES

VHP Demands Clear orders from Gujarat Govt to withdraw all orders forDeath & any Punishment for ALL Hindus in ALL CASES

Delhi, May 14, 2013
After Hindu Organizations like VHP, Bajrang Dal & BJP allies like Shivsena strongly opposed & condemned the Gujarat Govt decision to seek death for 8 Hindus in Naroda Patiya case & after seeing the debacle in Karanataka due to loss of Hindu votes, now Gujarat Govt has asked its Law dept to 'temporarily halt its orders for appealing for death to Hindus, but to wait until further orders." This also means that the Gujarat Govt's today's orders to halt its own order for the Death for Hindus is not yet final & perhaps a prelude to more pressure on Hindus by the Gujarat Govt. Secondly, as it was projected that it was the SIT that asked for this permission, there were sufficient legal pointers that the Gujarat Govt was free NOT to permit SIT to go in for an appeal seeking Death for Hindus as the appeal right is reserved for the state per criminal procedure code. Even though the SIT could have moved the Hon'ble Supreme Court after this, the Gujarat Govt could have fought the case there taking side of Hindus; but the Gujarat Govt itself had sought Death for the Hindus! 

Now that today Gujarat Govt has halted its own orders of allowing the Law dept to seek Death for Dr Mayaben Kodnani & Babu Bajrangi, 3 major questions arise: 
1) Why today's order asks the Gujarat Law dept to 'wait until further orders?' Why not the final order to halt the appeal for Death? 
2) In Ode Village case & Visnagar Dipda Darwaza cases too the Gujarat Govt has ordered its Law dept to seek Death for Hindus who have got only Life Imprisonment. In Ode, its 18 Hindus & in Visnagar case the number is 21. 
3) Even in Naroda Patiya case, there are 8 Hindus against whom the Gujarat Govt had sought Death from the higher court. 

Will Gujarat Govt now unconditionally tell its Law dept & also file an affidavit in the HC accordingly not to allow the SIT to seek death for any Hindus in these 3 cases & further pending 6 cases? Why does not Gujarat Govt challenge the conviction of Hindus in the first place rather than demanding more punishment for Hindus? So what the SIT goes to the Supreme Court? The state Govts can seek justice in Hon’ble Supreme Court too as the same Gujarat Govt has been doing in its own case regarding Lokayukta & also in the cases of its few ex ministers. Then why different & unjust treatment to Hindus?

VHP demands that the Gujarat Govt gives clear order to its Law dept NOT to seek any punishment for Hindus henceforth & also to file an independent appeal against verdicts that have given harsh punishments in such cases. VHP also alerts all Govts that if in anyway Hindus or Hindu organizations are directly or indirectly implicated in any cases, then VHP will be forced to go in for democratic peaceful protests.

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