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Eclipse of Secularism in Karnataka

Eclipse of Secularism in Karnataka: Mosques and Imams being used for Electoral Purposes

Bangalore-based Dainik Salar in its April 25, 2013 issue published an appeal by Anjuman Samaj Kalyan, Bidar convener Abdul Takdeer where it is appealed to all Imams of the Karnataka mosques that they should ask to vote Muslim community to particular candidates.

Abdul Takdeer’s appeal mentions some of the verses of Quran claiming that it is instructed to Muslims in their religion that they must consider it as their religious duty to vote in these elections. They must vote in these elections and the person who does not vote is anti-Islamic as per Prophet Mohammad Saheb. If any incompetent candidate is voted that causes harm to the interest of Muslim community then the responsibility would be on that person. If a Muslim is careless about his/her religious duty then bad and mischievous people who are against Muslim community would get elected in place of good people. They will destroy the administration. The appeal also states that Muslims must not sell their votes.
It is against the election code of conduct that religion and religious sentiments cannot be cultivated to get votes. If someone does it, his elections can be declared null and void. Some years ago, Shiv Sena chief had been debarred from casting his vote for six years. Despite all these facts, open help of religion is being taken to garner Muslim votes.


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