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Bomb Blasts in Karnataka: Three arrested in Tamilnadu

Three people are arrested for their involvement in the terror attack at BJP Office, Malleshwaram, Karnataka in a joint operation of Karnataka Police with the intelligence officials of Tamilnadu. Peer Mohideen and Basheer were arrested on 22nd April at Chennai and the third accused Kitchan Buhari hailing from Palayamkottai, Tirunelveli district was arrested in the city of Madurai today. Kitchan Buhari was a member of banned Islamic outfit ‘Al Umma’.  This outfit is responsible for serial bomb blasts in Coimbatore on February 14, 1998.  It should also be remembered that Kitchan Buhari of Al Umma is a close associate of Imam Ali, (Chief of Al-Mujahideen) – the main accused in the 1993 bomb blast at RSS Office, Chennai.


  1. It appears that around the world very resident needs to keep an eye on his/her neighbours activities.
    Mohan K Muju

  2. Though a former member of Al Umma, S Kitchan Buhari (43) hadn’t totally severed ties with the banned fundamentalist outfit’s founder Kovai Batcha. In fact, after serving time in prison for his role in the 1998 Coimbatore serial blasts case, he along with Kovai Batcha floated a charitable trust to provide aid to Muslims to fight legal battles against cases ‘foisted’ on them. While Batcha was its founder, Buhari was its administrator, the police said.
    Buhari was among the three suspects arrested in the State on Monday in connection with the recent Bangalore blasts. Besides Buhari, his associate Saddam Hussain too is under the police radar. The Podanur police had recently arrested Hussain and two others, Jonsha and Rasheed, following a clash at a marriage hall, which snowballed into a communal tension. “We have reasons to believe that Hussain assisted Buhari in the Bangalore blasts. Both are hot heads with a long history of spreading hate among communities,” said a police source. Hussain is currently under judicial custody in the Salem Central Jail. Significantly, Coimbatore city police commissioner A K Viswanathan has invoked the Goonda’s Act against Hussain, Jonsha and Rasheed.
    In the 1998 blasts case, Buhari was accused number 130. He completed serving his 10-year jail term two years ago. Buhari was also an accused in at least six other murder cases. “He was convicted in three murder cases by a lower court and sentenced to life imprisonment. But the convictions were set aside by higher courts,” said a police officer in Coimbatore.