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      Chennai Sandesh
    March 22, 2013 

Maha Kumbh Enthralls A Chennai Judge
V. Ramasubramanian, a sitting Judge of Madras High Court, himself a Tamil scholar, stayed for five days in February at the Maha Kumbh venue  in Prayag. On his return, he wrote an article for DINAMANI, a Tamil daily on what he saw and what he felt. A few excerpts: “Maha Kumbh is the biggest religious congregation in the world. Devotees walked 20 kilometres and more carrying luggage comprising their ration, cooking utensils, etc., to reach the sangam, since all vehicles were stopped at that distance. The devotees spread a newspaper or tarpaulin in the open, placed their luggage and after taking food prepared by them there, slept daring that chill February winter all night. On daybreak, they pressed forward to have holy dip in the Sangam, fervently chanting “Ganga Mata ki jai”. The devotees did not crave for any facility from the authorities. With crores pouring in for the Kumbh, the absence of eve teasing or other crimes proved that the huge event was indeed managed flawlessly owing to the single pointed devotion of the devout multitude and not because of the over 12,000 police personnel posted there”. 

Police Investigation Pricks Church Propaganda Bubble
During February, numerous passers - by along the roads and lanes of Thiruchengode (a town in Namakkal district in Tamilnadu) were shocked by a wall poster pasted all over, that openly instigated Hindus, the Brahmins in particular, to get converted to Christianity in order to enjoy affluence. It was a brazen attempt to covert by allurement. The poster displayed V.Raja, a Brahmin looking thin and shabby in his wedding costume, and contrasted this with his plum physique after he becomes a Christian evangelist. The police had to probe the claim following complaints from over 60 citizens including a number of Hindu activists drawn from RSS, Hindu Munnani and BJP. The Police investigation pricked the bubble of lies by the Church group – It was found that Raja was not a Brahmin at all. The town CSI church secretary Peter Selvaraj had to apologize and the Church group promptly removed all the offending posters. An evangelical meet slated for March 1, 2 and 3 in the town was also banned. It is a sad story that the state government had promulgated an ordinance in 2002 banning conversions, only to announce later on election eve that it would not be enforced. 

                                                  Poster pasted over the walls in the town
Amid struggle, A couple of Voices for Seva for Lankan Tamils 
ONE:Even while  demonstrators keep  shouting anti UPA, anti  Rajapakse and pro Tamil slogans along the roads of Tamilnadu, Dr. L.B.Thangavelu, president of Tamilnadu chapter of Indian Medical Organisation, announced in a press meet at Coimbatore on March 19 that doctors are ready to serve the suffering Tamils in Sri Lanka. But he demanded that adequate protection for such medical professionals. Thangavelu pointed out that numerous Tamils in Sri Lanka suffer from post war mental trauma; they need treatment. Many Tamils have lost their limbs in the war; they too need medicare, he said. TWO: Shri S.Rajendran, Dakshina Kshetra Karyawah of RSS, while explaining to Chennai Presspersons on March 18 the deliberations at the Jaipur Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha of RSS,  underlined the need for rehabilitation of the war ravaged Tamils of Sri Lanka. In this cotext, he gave detailes of seva activities by Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh Sri Lanka. 

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