RSS Chennai celebrates 'Sakthi Sangamam'

“Sakthi  Sangamam” celebration by RSS Chennai Vibagh
RSS Chennai Vibagh organised a grand family get-together “ Sakthi  Sangamam”  in the Sakthi Karyalaya at Chetpet, Chennai on 10-02-2013.  This  event  was well attended by our swayamsevaks in large number where around 1054 people and their families numbering 504 participated. Many of our   senior pracharaks and adhikaris like  Ma. Suriyanarayana Raoji, Ma. Rama Gopalanji, Ma. Dr. Raja ( Uttar TN Pranth Sanghchalak), Sri. L. Ganesanj, Dr. H S Govindaji (Kshetra Pracharak Pramuk), Sri Stanumaalayan (Kshetra Pracharak), Sri Veerabahu (Editor of Vijayabharatham) interacted with the families.
Beautiful huge ‘kolams’ within the karyalaya premises and also outside including the road,  gave a pleasant festive look. A prominent display of grand statue and huge cut-outs of swami Vivekanada in the sanghastan and also in the leading road added a glamour depicting the true spirit of the sangh in this Swami Vivekanadha’s 150 th Jayanthi year.

While senior adhikaris made themselves present in individual rooms to receive and interact with all family members, one hall was devoted for a power point presentation covering the recent functions and programmes of Swami Vivekanadha 150th  Jayanthi.  Two young school girls from the sangh family enacted “patty  vaithyam” (meaning traditional medical advises)  to bring out the glory of our traditional medical treatment and their values. A separate room was allotted for “karutharangam” (debate/discussion) to have interaction with our swayamsevaks and their families on various current topics. More than 5 topics were covered each taking around 45 minutes  and all got enlightened with this interaction.

Many families brought their own eatables and distributed to the swayamsevaks and their families present there.  A common arrangement was also made for the dinner and a traditional “thamboola pai” to all while leaving the karyalaya.

The event was concluded with a samarape presided over by Ma. Dr. Raja and a brief boudhik by our karyakartha Shri. Gopalakrishnan, Jilla Karyawah of Madhya Chennai Jilla. He highlighted the social transformation carried out  by some of the swayamsevaks and appealed to the swayamsevaks to emulate such examples.

(Report by Sri M K R Mohan, Chennai Vibhag Karyawah for VSK Tamilnadu)

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