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VHP organises convention on ‘Challenges before the resurgent Hindu Society’

Vishva Hindu Parishad (Uttar Tamilnadu) has organized a convention--to listen to informed deliberation on ‘Challenges before the resurgent Hindu Society’ on 5.1.2013 at Em.El.Em.Kalyana Mandapam, Chennai at 6.30.p.m. Poojayasri Swamy Dayananda Saraswathi will address the gathering.  Special Address by Shri Ashok Singhal, Advisor, Vishva Hindu Parishad International in the presence of Shri Ragava Reddy, International President, VHP, Shri Ashok Rao Chowgule, International Working President, VHP (Overseas), Shri Champathrai, International General Secretary, VHP.  Sri S.Gopalarathnam Central Joint Secretary, Era.Meyappan, State President, Su.Srinivasan, State Secretary, R B V S Manian Vice President, C Kanakarajan Vice President, Padmashri Krishnakumar Warriar, V.Mylsamy, Praful H Sejpal, Patrons, VHP Dakshin Tamilnadu will participate in the function.

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  1. Our Spiritual leaders should listen to the speeches delivered by the Islamic and Christian scholars who mix poltics and religion to suit their convenience. All their speeches will have some common features. They will abuse Hindu spiritual and political leaders during their discourses and ask the followers to vote for candidates belonnging to their religions. I feel it is time our Swamis, sants and Monks take a cue from these Islamic and Xian leaders... and convince the Hindus about the importance of voting for Hindu candidates.