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'The growth of our organization is the Need of Hour' - Maa. Vanniarajan Ji

The growth of our organization is the Need of the Hour
- Ma. Vanniarajanji, Shethra Sanga Chalak
Madhya Chennai Gunaathmic sangik was held at Meenakshi College, Kodampakkam on 26th January 2012 to mark the beginning of the Swamij’s 150 birth Annivesary.  546 Swayamsewaks attended the Sangik with purna Ganavesh. Maa. Vanniarajanji, Kshethra Sangachalak addressed the gathering in the presence of Ma. Duraishankarji, Vibhag sangachalak and Ma. Chandrasekarji Jilla sangachalak. 

He said, "Swamiji during his meditation in the kanyakumari rock on December 24,25,26th  of 1892,  visualized three scenes on each day. The first day he saw the glory of our country in the past, the second day he could see the present status of the society i.e the enslaved bharath and in the third day he saw the prosperous Bharath in the future. The prosperous bharath in the future is his dream. The sangh was started to fulfill his dream only. The sangh is training the patriotic youth for fulfilling his dream for the past 88 years. Even in those days swamiji faced the people who criticized him. Today like the same we(sangh) was criticized by the congress man who could not tolerate the growth of the organization  in each and every field in the society. We should thank them as it is the boost for us to work enthusiastically.
After his return from the western countries, Swamiji considered even the sand of this nation as sacred and he started applying it in his body.  Sanyasis used to meditate in the forest in those days. But today the shaka is the meditating place. Every day for an hour it is necessary to be in the shaka. Sangh is the Karpaga Vriksham and the shaka is the shakthi. The need of the hour is the growth of the organization to the nook and corner of the land. It is the right answer to the criticisers.
The only thing which we should learn from the western is the organization. Swamiji repeated it many times. Youth should be developed in the well organized training. Today even our enemies are coming close to us. The western people are looking and turning to us. So, the need of the hour is the growth of the organization, growth of the shaka and the growth of the karyakartha." 
Swayamsevaks performed vyayam enthusiatically.  
Report by Vinoth Kumar, Poonamallee for VSK Tamilnadu.


  1. The bowdhik was excellent and the whole bowdhik can be brought out in a handbit to be circulated for the karyakarthas. Even this is the need of the hour .

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