Memorandum of ABGP benifitted a large residents

ABGP, All India Consumer Organization, personally submitted a memorandum singed by 2000 residents to Honourable Chief Minister Of Tamil Nadu through Special Officer, CM's Special Cell and to Minister of Municipal Administration and Water Supply and to Dy.Secretary. The memorandum requested for daily supply of potable drinking water at prescribed timings at Chromepet area, Chennai as the present drinking water is supplied once in 7-10 days at irregular intervals and it is not readily drinkable.

Tamil Nadu Government's Historical Rain Water Harvesting Movement, Establishment of Reverse Osmosis desalination plants are unable to meet the ever increasing demand of City's drinking water.

As a constructive Consumer Movement, ABGP have suggested the following measures for improving the water supply.

1) Sustaining existing Water resources and checking indiscriminate mining to protect the river aquifers. Efforts to be made to have planned development without haphazard construction and strictly not allowing encroachments. The revival of public wells and protection of local sources of water supply could be of benefit during the times of shortage.

2) Tapping alternate sources and integrating them with Chennai City Water Supply Certain areas under existing supply of water may be switched over to Metro Water, keeping in mind the long term needs as the river was not perennial.

3) Recycling of waste water for industrial purpose.

Efforts of ABGP has yielded fruitful results wherein the Chief Minister has allotted funds vide letter No.P/387152/CH/2012 dated 28.12.2012 for implementing combined drinking water schemes to various municipal towns.

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