Kasab Hanged; When Afzal & other Jehadis?

Kasab Hanged; When Afzal & other Jehadis?

Asks Dr Pravin Togadia


New Delhi, November 21, 2012

Ajmal Aamir Kasab, a convict of November 26, 2008 Jehadi attack on Mumbai has been hanged to death today morning. Giving credit of such an accurate & speedy trial & punishment to Mumbai Police & especially to Advocate Ujjwal Nikam, Dr Pravin Togadia, International Working President of VHP said, "Hanging Kasab is a welcome beginning for war on terror that the Indian PM promises only on the foreign soils but back in Bharat, gets Hindus arrested & jailed. There is a long way to go in war against Jehadi Terror. The attacker of Bharat's Parliament Afzal Guru & other hundreds of Jehadis are living gleefully in Indian jails like parasites eating up Indian tax payers' hard earned money. They not only are a burden on Bharat but more importantly, they also pose a great danger of the Kandahar like incident which endangers Bharat's safety & security immensely. Therefore, it is now essential that without any further delay in clearing Afzal Guru's mercy petition, he should be hanged per the Hon. Supreme Court verdict & other Jehadis should be tried / hanged too. Mumbai blasts 1992 accused / convicts are still sitting in Indian jails & some are roaming free. Gujarat Sabarmati Train burning attack where Ram Bhakts were burnt alive, the main accused is 'absconding' yet & there are many such Jehadi attack cases. Union Govt & all state Govts should act on these cases faster & give justice to the victims & also save Bharat from Kandahar like tragedies."

Dr Togadia further demanded that all the attacks on the police, Army & paramilitary forces in Jammu & Kashmir be treated as Jehadi attacks & the culprits be hanged immediately as over 30,000 Indian police, Army / paramilitary personnel have been killed in past 10 years only in that region alone. Dr Togadia demanded the same system for Assam & rest of North East & urged the Govt to treat the violence by the Bangla Deshi Muslim Infiltrators in North East as Jehadi attacks on Bharat.  


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  1. The unethical congress party plays votebank politics even with something as vital as national security.Otherwise the Govt should have heeded Dr.Subramaniam Swamy's advice when the Paki terrorist Ajmal Kasab was caught red-handed during the 26/11 attack. 4yrs later when the terrorist was hanged, India has become poorer by about 50crores!How many of our people are leading pitiable lives without even basic infrastructure!It would have made a great difference to their lives if this wasted amount of 50crores was used for them.