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MRM to launch nation-wide signature drive on J&K

Muslim Rashtriya Manch to launch Nation-wide signature drive on J&K

Source: VSK-Nagpur     
NAGPUR, October 19: Muslim Rashtriya Manch (MRM), an organization of Indian nationalist Muslims, has decided to launch a month-long nation-wide signature campaign from October 20, 2012, coinciding the 50th anniversary of China's aggression on India, to expose the fallacy of the report of the UPA II appointed interlocutors on Jammu & Kashmir. The MRM would also press the government for total rejection of this report.
Stating this in a press release issued today, MRM National Convener Mohd. Afzal said that the MRM had taken this decision with an objective to create the public opinion against the report which "speaks the language of the separatists and militants".
The month-long campaign will be simultaneously launched at all the state capitals and major cities and towns in the country where the MRM activists would approach the citizens and explain them the fallacy and lacunae of the report of the interlocutors, the release said.
The MRM plans to gather at least one crore signatures of all the citizens, but emphasis will be on contacting the Muslims and obtaining their signatures from all over the country. A memorandum along with the signature thus collected would be submitted to the President and Prime Minsiter of India, the release added.
"The Government should honor the two resolutions adopted unanimously by the Parliament of India in regard to the retrieval of Indian territories illegally and forcibly occupied by China and Pakistan. China occupies over 42735 sq km area while Pakistan had occupied 78114 sq km Indian territories in j & K. The Parliament on February 22, 1994 and November 14, 1962 had reiterated its unanimous resolve to retrieve these territories from China and Pakistan. The MRM believed that the report of the interlocutors insulted these two resolutions adopted by the Parliament of India. So, far no efforts were initiated by the successive governments at the centre to take back these areas", the release said adding that the MRM would demand that the government should take steps in this direction without wasting time any further.
Besides gathering signatures, the MRM would organize during the month-long campaign seminars, lectures, symposia, discussions and other such programs to attract the intellectual sections on the interlocutors' report vis-à-vis ground realities in Jammu & Kashmir, the release added further.
The objective of this exercise was to create atmosphere for rejection of the report as it advocated for safeguarding the interests of the separatists. Not only this, the report refused to accept J & K as integral part of India and suggested to accord Article 370 a 'special and permanent status'. This was not acceptable to nationalist Muslims in India, the press release said.
The MRM believed that Jammu & Kashmir's merger with the Indian Union in 1947 was full, final and complete. As such, the suggestions forwarded by the interlocutors appointed by the UPA II government were contradictory to the above fact. Therefore, the report should be rejected lock, stock and barrel, the release said.
It may be recalled that the MRM had earlier in December 2011, organized a massive dharna at Jantar-Mantar in New Delhi to voice its concern over the report of the interlocutors and situation in Jammu and Kashmir. Over 10,000 Muslims from all over the country had participated in that day-long event.
In the second leg of the agitation, the MRM activists had burnt the copies of the interlocutors' report at over 200 places in the country.
This will be the second such signature campaign undertaken by the MRM since its inception a decade ago. The earlier one was on generating awareness regarding cow protection amongst the Muslims in which the MRM had gathered over 1o lakh signatures of the Muslims in support of the total ban on cow slaughter in India. The signatures were later submitted to the Government of India through the President and Prime Minster.

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