ABGP-All India Consumer Movement- Press Release on Govt clearing FDI in Retail

AKHIL BHARATHEEYA GRAHAK PANCHAYAT (ABGP); an All India Consumer Movement started in September 1974. It has, All India Registration number: S/9194, Delhi. ABGP is now having its branches in 30 states with 486 consumers awakening centre in 153 districts.As a responsible All India Consumer Movement, we condemn the unilateral decision of the UPA government in clearing the FDI in Retail without minding the livelihood of billions of Retailers and their family members and welcome the stand of Tamil nadu Government by demanding the immediate withdrawal of the above  decision.
UPA government after the parliament secession is over without consulting its own allies and the opposition parties and the Retailers cleared 51% FDI in Retail.

A few allies and friendly parties of UPA like TMC, SP and opposition parties NDA, Communist parties and AIADMK strongly protested the unilateral decision of the UPA Government and demanded the immediate withdrawal of the decision.

Retailers in India handle 98% of the total trade with 12 million outlets. But the Organised sector contribution is a meagre 2% only.  Around  4 Crore persons are employed in the Retail trade. But their dependents are around 12 Crore.

 Foreign Giants to start with will offer low prices to the consumers to attract market. But Foreign Giants after establishing the business by which time billions of small retailers unable to face the cut throat competition forced to shut down their business will dictate terms not only to the suppliers, but also to the consumers.

ABGP, India's oldest and biggest consumer movement welcomes the stand taken by Tamil nadu Government in the interest of the nation to safeguard the livelihood of billions of common man. Citizens should be aware of the nefarious designs of the Multinationals.


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  1. Retail selling is a very good alternative to unemployment. It is also giving one the satisfation of being self employed in the service of people. Under the Sonia supervision, Hindustan is fast moving toward the trap of economic enslavement by alien forces. Sonia has no understanding of our social system, culture, economics and our mind set etc. And it is a pity this ancient Gnana Bhoomi is now under her clutches. After attaining political freedom, we are heading to ecnomic enslavement unless we find a solution. It is time for the nation to stand up as one and only person. Swami Vivekanand and Sri Aurobindo wanted spiritual awekening first, social freedon next and finally political freedom. WE failed to follow their advice. WE thought if we attain political freedom first, then the other things can be acheived easily as power would be in our hands. WE are proved wrong. Our people were naturally with spiritual bent of mind with no greed. That is the speciality of this Punya Bhoomi. Our people did not give preference to material wealth basically. Their spiritual awareness was only in dormant. It could have been kindled easily. That is why Swami Vivekanand and Sri Aurobindo stressed spiritual freedom first. WE failed to understand this and now the situation has changed. Now people are used to all kinds of mal practices and prefer material bemefits. Everything is right in making money is the present ideology.