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August 30, 2012

Three-day Samskritotsav attracts thousands in Chennai

“Everyone should learn Samskritam, should learn atleast the Bhagavad Gita to begin with”: That was the desire expressed by Sri Salamon Pappaiya, a popular Tamil Scholar of Madurai. He was addressing an impressive gathering of Samskrita Bharati’s ‘Samskritotsav’ at Chennai on August 19, 2012. (For several decades, Salamon Pappaiya moderated innumerable delightful debates on themes domestic, social, and national - which were telecast by popular TV channels). 

To commemorate the 150th Jayanthi of Swami Vivekananda, a book in simple Samskritam containing inspiring stories told by Swami Vivekananda was released on the occasion of Samskritotsav.

The ‘Samskritotsav’ was a three day gala function organized on 18, 19 and 20th of August 2012. Bala Kalotshav was the first day programme wherein 3,500 school children participated and demonstrated their skills in oratory, group singing, drama, dance and debates etc., all in Samskritam. Samajotsav was on the second day; there was a Samskrita Kavi Sammelam in addition to a serious debate by scholars on the mutual beneficial relationship of Samskritam and Tamil which was moderated by none other than Saloman Pappaiya. At Yuvotshav that was held on the third day, there were various competitions for college students in Samskritam. Among the dignitaries who participated in Samskritotsav are Pujyasri Visvesa Teertha of Pejawar Mutt, Sri C M Krishna Sastry, Sri Ramasubramaniam, a sitting Judge of Madras High Court, Dr. S. Narasimhan, Principal DG Vaishnav College, Chennai, Dr. Devi Prasad, Principal, Madras Sanskrit College, Smt Vijayalakshmi, Producer, Doordarshan Kendra, Chennai, Dr.Tiruppur Krishnan, Editor Amudhasurabhi, Dr. M M Alex, President, Samskrita Bharati, Tamilnadu, Swami Atmaghanananda, Ramakrishna Math, Chennai and Sri Dinesh Kamat, All India Organising Secretary, Samskrita Bharati. The three day Samskritotsav was organized jointly by DG Vaishnav College and Samskrita Bharati. Dr. R Ramachandran, Secretary, Samskrita Bharati, Tamilnadu, Sri P Haridass, Secretary DG Vaishanav college co-ordinated the programme. A team of activists and volunteers led by Sri M Sriram, Organising Secretary, Samskrita Bharati Tamilnadu, looked after the arrangements.

A fresh idea; bio-gas pipe line 

“Make use of the over one lakh cows in Tamilnadu and construct bio-gas plants. Link all the bio-gas plants by pipe-line; that will take care of cooking gas scarcity”. That was a suggestion by Hindu Munnani to Tamilnadu Government. Sri Ramagopalan of Hindu Munnani in a statement patted the State Government for distributing free cows to rural poor. But he demanded that the Government should impose a blanket ban on cow slaughter. Otherwise cow based agriculture, cow based white revolution, and cow based medicine production will all become impossible. He cited the example of Karnataka Government that has banned cow slaughter and wanted Tamilnadu Government to stop movement of cows in thousands to neighbouring Kerala from Tamilnadu for slaughter.

The Doctor who could not forget his Motherland

Last week Tamilnadu State Governor Rosaiah conferred ‘Life time Achievement Award’ on Dr. T K Parthasarathy, Pro-Chancellor of Sri Ramachandra Medical University and Research Centre, Chennai. The award is given by Dr. MGR Mdical Universit, Chennai. Parthasarathy joined RSS when he was just 12. His brother Ranganathan was a RSS Pracharak, so Sangha elders including Sri Guruji used to visit his house. That helped Parthasarathy understand the Sangh ideals of serving society for national upliftment. That was why Parthasarathy chose to return to his Motherland after 20 years of service in the U S A in order to train young surgeons who in turn would serve the society. Parthasarathy joined Sri Ramachandra University as a Professor for that purpose. Because of his merit, soon, the entire University administration was entrusted to Parathasarathy. He served as Vice Chancellor of that University for five years. Now he has been requested to continue as its Pro-Chancellor.

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