Senior RSS functionary launched his 'Bharat Parikrama'

Sri Sitaram Kedilaya starts his ‘Bharat Parikrama’

Shri Sitaram Kedilaya, top RSS functionary since 6 decades initiated ‘Bharat Parikrama’ at Kanyakumari, Tamilnadu.  The Britishers who ruled India were asked to leave the country on 9th August, 1942.  Britishers left only after a span of 5 years. After 65 years of Indian Independence on this very same day, Sri Sitaram Ji has started his yatra by foot covering 10 kilometres a day. His yatra is scheduled for a span of 5 years covering 15000 kilometres throughout Bharat. 9th August 2012 had one more significance being the Krishna Janmashtami and the Birthday of Sri Sitaram Ji too. His journey focuses on a vision to link all the villages and upliftment of each village.  

Swami Chaityananda Maharaj of Vallimalai Ashram blessed Sri Sitaramji for his successful yatra.  Sri Kesava Vinayakam Ji, Dakshin Pranth Pracharak said, “The place Kanyakumari has a great significance.  Various yatras have started from here.  Even Vishwa Guru Adi Sankara also started his advaita yatra from this point.  The dream of Sitaram Ji ‘Grama Rajyam -- Rama Rajyam’ will come true as this place has more shakthi.”  Sewa Bharathi Organiser Balasundaram, President Ramanathan, Sri Parameshwaran, Senior Swayamsevak Sri Ram Mohan, Vibhag Pracharak Sri Suresh participated in the ceremony.  The yatra kicked off at 7.30 a.m. after the ceremony.  He walked on the first day for 12 kms.  Sri Sitaram Ji sticks on for single meal a day.  He will have no possessions or belonging with him.  During his walk he sings bhajan songs. His routine would be as follows: Stay in a home during nights. While walking he sings bhajans. During afternoons, he goes in front of a house asks ‘Bhikshan Dehi’ and the lady at home will feed him for 3 times. Then he enters that home and eats only 3 handful of rice given by the Annapoorni.  He gives lectures to mahilas at temples and meets the sick and elderly people.  He also meets the youth and will have discussion with them. He emphasizes on 6 points – One should love his village, love the mankind, conserve the water, help elders and all living beings, and grama upliftment.  For this, a monthly Milan can be encouraged and transformation can be brought into slowly.   Yatra Slogan ‘Know Bharath; Be Bharath; Make Bharath” clearly visions the grama upliftment. 

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  1. Great thing.Bahu Uttamam.
    Samskrita Bharati

  2. Great effort. It is more apt that it starts during the 150th year of Swami Vivekananda.
    Narasimhan, Delhi

  3. It is very inspiring. Sitaram ji is taking up a punishing schedule for Bharat Mata.

  4. Mananeeya Sitaramji should link cattle with agriculture and educate people about restoring dharma in the way we traditionally did agriculture. Annam Bahu Kuruvita will soon become 'meat and beef' bahu kuruvita if dharma does not return to agriculture. Radha Rajan