RSS in Action, assuring security to North East Indians

RSS in Action: Day-3 RSS Swayamsevaks at Railway Station, assuring security to NE Indians

Bangalore August 17, 2012: RSS Swayamsevaks continuing their supportive works at City Railway station Bangalore. RSS assuring full safety and security to all North East Indian passengers at railway station. Since 2 days there was mass exodus of North East Indians from Bangalore following a rumour that their lives under threat in Karnataka. RSS already assured these families, passengers that no need to fear, your safety is our priority.

Even on the third day, RSS Swayamsevaks served food for all North East Indian Passengers. Along with RSS, other Sangh Parivar organisations like ABVP, Rashtra Sevika Samiti, VHP, Hindu Jagaran Vedike, BJYM asscociated at Railway Station Bangalore, assuring top security to NE Passengers. Rashtra Sevika Samiti, the woman out fit of RSS, is looking after the safety measures of NE Woman Passengers.
RSS Pranth Karyavah Tippeswamy, Pranth Sharirik Pramukh Chandrashekar Jagirdar, Pranth Sah Ghosh Pramukh Na Nagaraj, Pranth Seva Pramukh Sadashiva, Bangalore Mahanagara Sah Karyavah Karunakara Rai heading and guiding the RSS team at Railway Station.

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