VHP writes to the Honourable President on ethnic cleansing of Original tribes

Urgent letter
From: Dr Pravin Togadia, International Working President, Vishwa Hindu
Parishad, Sankatmochan, Sector 6, R K Puram, New Delhi
July 26, 2012
Hon. President of Bharat
Shri Pranab Da Mukherjee ji
New Delhi.
Subject: Ethnic Cleansing of Original Tribes, Other Hindus & Non-Muslims in Assam & current violence there.
Reference: The ongoing violence in Assam currently.
Hon. Shri President of Bharat,
Nomoshkaar! At the outset, let me wish you congratulations for becoming the 13th President of Bharat – The 1st Citizen of Bharat. I am sure with your long experience in insight in Bharat, now Bharat will try to solve the problems faced by Bharat’s citizens. Now, without wasting more time in formalities, I wish to draw you urgent attention and immediate intervention to the gruesome plight that Bharat’s original citizens in Assam have been facing. As you are aware, last few days, Assam is burning. Lakhs of Original Tribals have been attacked and forced to flee their homes, villages and towns. Their homes burnt, their little land grabbed and their loved ones lost in the horrible arson and murders by Bangla Deshi Infiltrators now settled in Assam. The relief camps are pouring with the victims of this Ethnic Cleansing of original citizens of Bharat by the Infiltrators. With your kind sensitive heart, if you see the wrinkled faces & tear-filled eyes of those old tribal women and those young worried nursing mothers holding their new-borns in their hands, you will realize the agony & pain they are going through.
This is not the first time it has happened in Assam. It has been going on for over 2 decades. Karbi Anglong, Khasi, Dimasa, Bodo, Jaintia and many other local Tribes who have made Bharat’s North East eco-friendly with their environmentally simple life styles, who have made Bharat rich with their great art and culture are being brutally attacked, their jungle habitats burnt, their women raped, their men fired at in close range and ultimately they are forced to either die at the hands of Bangla Deshi invaders or leave their age-old traditional habitats.

Unfortunately, just like the authorities ignored first, then neglected and then manipulated the ethnic cleansing in Kashmir done by Pakistan supported separatist groups, the Assam’s systematic ethnic cleansing of local tribes, other Hindus and other Non-Muslims is being ignored by the authorities knowing fully well that the happenings in Assam are the systematic efforts of Bangla Desh helped by Jehadi elements to create Greater Bangla Desh and socio-politically occupy Assam and many parts of North Eastern Bharat.
Mr. President, coming from Bengal, you are well aware of the plight of Bangla Hindus in Bangla Desh. Kashmir situation has gone out of control and now Assam too going the same direction. Unfortunately, the citizens of Bharat are made into minority there by the invading Bangla Deshi infiltrators (Please see the Annexure – total 9 - attached here
for more important details.)
1. Bangla Deshi infiltration is a known fact in Assam. They have settled there with the help of local politicians who have been using this large group as their vote bank. Therefore, the ethnic cleansing by these infiltrators is although not directly state sponsored in a technical terms, but it has a socio-political blessing of those who win based on these votes. (See Annexure 1 & 9)
2. Terror outfits supported by HUJI in Bangla Desh and ISI, Al Qaeda in Pakistan are fully deep-rooted by now in Assam namely like MULTA (Muslim Liberation United Tigers of Assam) and others. (See Annexure 2,3, 4, 5, 8 and 9). Internationally and even by domestic agencies this has been clearly explained. Yet for vote bank politics, they have been allowed not only enter Bharat, but settle in a sensitive & militarily important state like Assam thereby not only hurting the local population there but putting nation’s safety & security at risk.
3. Despite continued blasts, other jehadi attacks by such groups and the systematic Pak / Bangla Desh sponsored activities like burning big habitats of local tribes, hoisting Pak / Bangla Desh flags, reducing local population to minority by directly killing them and also by adding more to Bangla Deshi Muslim population there by continued illegal influx, both Union Govt and the state Govt of Assam have been claiming that there have been no hand of Bangla Desh in Assam violence. Sir, Mr. President, this is not mere violence between two groups like Bodo and Muslims as both the Govts are trying to project (This refers to the statement given by the Union Home Secretary & also by the CM of Assam on July 26, 2012 that there had not been any hand of Bangla Desh in violence in Assam). This is a systematic Ethnic Cleansing of local age-old tribes and other citizens of Bharat as it happened in Kashmir during partition and around 1990. Similarly, the Govt was in denial about Kashmir regarding Pakistan’s hand in Kashmir Ethnic Cleansing. Today, Pakistan has been responsible for umpteen jehadi attacks in and on Bharat where many innocent lives are lost almost daily in Kashmir and in other parts and this is now the official Govt stand. Therefore, Mr. President, without wasting much time – already it is late - you in your capacity as the Constitutional Head of the nation & as the 1st Citizen of Bharat, need to immediately intervene in Assam situation to stop Ethnic Cleansing of local tribes and other original citizens of Bharat there. (Please see Annexure 6 & 9 along with other attached papers and photos)

4. There needs to be immediately formed a Tribunal to deport all Bangla Deshi Muslim Infiltrators from Assam and also from other states in Bharat to prevent further Ethnic Cleansing of Bharat’s own citizens. The tribunal should have members from the Army, those retired & served most part in Assam so that they are well aware of the situation there, the socio-cultural experts to understand the importance of original tribes in Bharat and the legal experts to give justice to all the tribes who have been facing attacks by Bangla Deshis. This tribunal also should set the deadline for time as to until when the Bangla Deshi Infiltrators will be deported fully without getting into the ploy that they have voter ID so they are Bharat’s citizens because for vote bank, many have been given such documents which otherwise are given to Bharat’s other citizens with much verifications. 
5. All the local tribes, other Hindus and Non-Muslims who have been attacked over the years and also now staying in Relief camps should be given Ru 7,00,000 minimum compensation for each person in the family died in the violence against them without hassling them for documentation, those who are injured must get immediate medical help
at Govt cost and also Ru 4,00,000 as compensation, those who have lost the bread-earner in the family should get – apart from the Ru 7,00,000 compensation – Govt job at least to one member of the family or in case of being illiterate – enough financial aid for agriculture / jungle produce trade / business depending their skills. Govt should also rebuild their houses at the same place where they lived. These facilities should be given ONLY to the local tribes, other Hindus and Non-Muslims.
6. There is no reason other than infiltrators’ invasion for such a big Muslim population there which is the second largest at 31% now – the unnatural growth in population due to systematic heavy influx of Muslim Bangla Deshi Infiltrators from invading Assam’s border districts like Kokrazar, Dhubri, Chirang area and many others. Almost 11 constituencies in Assam, this election, had majority votes of these Muslims. (See Annexure 1, 3 and also other documents attached apart from much more information Govt agencies already would have but are not letting public of Bharat know of it.)
7. Mr. President I urge you NOT to ignore or discard my letter, the information attached and also the pleas made by all of us about Assam to immediately deport ALL Bangla Deshi Muslims there. Please do not discard these merely because we may differ in some parts of ideologies. But as a patriotic 1st Citizen of Bharat, YOU and those who do care for keeping Bharat safe from Bangla Desh’s and Pakistan’s shrewd and horrible invasions – WE, all together can make a difference if we keep our some differences aside when it comes to such national issues. We all are more than willing to extend our helping hand, however small that help may be, to you if and when you take up the issues of national security and local population’s safety in Assam and in all such troubles states rising above any political compulsions.

In your new tenure as the President of Bharat, we wish you all the best and again urge you to intervene in the Human Rights crisis created by Ethnic Cleansing of original tribes, other Hindus and non-Muslims in Assam. Kindly do take out time from your busy schedule to go through the documents attached to this letter to get a glimpse of the huge security threat from bordering countries to North East and therefore to Bharat. Original people of Assam – the citizens of Bharat – are waiting for you to show your kind heart and diplomatic acumen in saving them from the modern day invasion from Bangla Desh and Pakistan. Be their savior in their agony and pain, Mr. president, so that citizens of Bharat in other states would not have to nationally and internationally raise such issues but focus of taking Bharat to newer heights.
Dhanyavaad. Hoping to see serene Durga Pooja celebration in your Presidential palace as well as in the Devi worshiper Assam this time
in Navaraatri. Regards,


Dr Pravin Togadia 
International Working President
Vishwa Hindu Parishad
Contact: 098253 23406, Email : drdogadia@gmail.com

Copy to: 
1. The Prime Minister of India
2. The Home Minister of India
3. Hon. Supreme Court of India
4. The Chief Minister of Assam
5. Office of Human Rights – United Nations, New York
6. Office of Human Rights – United Nations, New Delhi
7. The Leader of Opposition - Loksabha
Attached: A) Annexure 1 to 9 (Total 9)
B) Photos of grim situation in Assam – Tribes & Relief Camps)

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