URGENT PRESS - No Cricket, No Relations with Pak-VHP.


                                                Weak Govt again bends before Pak

                  No Cricket with Pak will be tolerated


Reacting strongly against Union Govt decision of Bharat- Pakistan series of One Day Cricket in December, VHP International Working President Dr Pravin Togadia termed Govt as 'Shameless & helpless when it comes to Pakistan.'  Also on the comment by Maharashtra Congress that the sentiments of India & those of BCCI were different about Pakistan, Dr Togadia said that many ruling parties compromise nation's wellbeing for Muslim vote bank. He further said, "The jehadi Abu Jundal alias Sayed Zabiuddin Ansari caught bravely by the Delhi police clearly told in investigation that 5 years back when there had been a Cricket series, many Pakistanis who came on special Cricket viewer visa, stayed back & created terror cells in Bharat. He also informed the agencies that there had been a plan to attack the PM & the match at Mohali. He has also given information that Dawood & Azhar Massod are sheltered & pampered by Pak. Pak has not been handing over any terrorists to Bharat but continued attacks on Bharat are going on, yet, such a decision of Cricket with Pak shows that the Union Govt as usual bends before Muslim vote bank as Ramzan is coming – so this can be a Ramzan gift! 2 days back US Prez Barak Hussein Obama 'ordered' Bharat to solve Kashmir issue between Bharat & Pak and today such a ghastly decision by the Govt!"

Dr Togadia demanded:

1.      Bharat should immediately sever all economic, cultural & political ties with Pakistan.

2.      Govt of India should strongly make a decision to attack Pak for the war that Pak has openly waged against Bharat for years together. For such a move, Govt will have to use its high international diplomatic skills & with brilliant IFS officers in the service & in the team of retired experienced people, there is no dearth of such skills.

3.      Until Pak hands over ALL jehadis to Bharat, closes all training camps & completely stops infiltrating Bharat from Kashmir,  there should not be any further talks with Pakistan.

4.      Union Govt, Maharashtra Congress & BCCI should immediately apologize to Bharat for such a decision compromising the nation's security & also for insensitive comments by some of its members that hurt the nation's patriotic citizens & the families of many army people, police & innocent citizens killed in various attacks by Pak & sponsored by Pak.

5.      The Hon Supreme Court on its own should take up the case of the genocide of Kashmiri Pundits immediately so that Pakistan sponsored attacks & Pak supported separatist movements become part of a crime against nation.

6.      Indian Cricketers, being so very patriotic all the time, should refuse to play any match with Pakistan.

7.      He appealed all in Bharat never to vote for any political party or person who for any reason compromise nation's security to appeases minority vote banks.


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