Guru Puja

Prowda Guru Puja function was held at Vani Mahal, Chennai on 22nd July, 2012. The gathering was welcomed by Sri Ramkumar, Jilla Sanghachalak.  Sri R Ganesh, Musician sung a Desha Bhakthi song. 

Advocate Rajagopal presided over the function.  In his speech, he said, “I am proud for two reasons namely – I am a Hindu and being born in Bharat. .. My association with RSS dates back to 1980s and I attended Shakas for 5 to 6 months.  I was away from Shaka as I wanted to attain certain heights in my profession and then I felt that I should do something to the organization with my profession.  I was proud to appear in Ram Janmabhoomi case in Lucknow Bench….”  He also felt that RSS is only organization which is capable of achieving the dream of Akanda Bharat into reality.  

Sri Ranga Hari Ji (fondly known as Harihattan Ji) was proud to see Gurupooja for four generations.  Dr.Ji took the idea of Rama Thirtha who told ‘Hindu does not worship the idol.  They worship through the idol. The concept of worshipping dwaja symbolizes the ideal and we worship our ideal through the flag.  There must be persons who are dedicated to the nation. This function denotes dedication of us.  Nobody come to your house for money to Sangh.  On the day of Guru Puja Swayamsevaks voluntarily offer this. This is the only organization where members offer voluntarily.  This teaches dedication.  This dedication is only a beginning.  Dr. Hedgewar coined two valuable principles. One is Committed, dedicated, dependable manpower and the other is dependable money potential.  Guru Dakshina is not a donation.  It is an offering.  This has no equivalent translation for this.  The person who gives stands below and the dwaja stands erect and blesses us.  RSS was banned in 1948 and 1975.  Both times Sangh did not suffer and came out successfully.  Growth of Sangh can be seen as greatest Hindu movement of Bharat in four ways. 
1.       Absolute RSS: It is the Hindu non-political organization working throughout the length and breadth of Nation.  Shakhas spread from Sikkim to Andaman.  Daily Shakas, weekly milans and monthly branches counts to 60000. One can see mid-night shaka and mid-day shaka also.
2.       Just like Physics and Chemistry, applied RSS is seen in Sewa Vibhag and Vidhya Vibhag.  1,50,000 sewa projects were in operation in Sewa Vibhag.  This is called applied Hindu movement.  Vidhya Vibhag has 40000 educational projects right from Nepal to Kanyakumari.
3.       Swayamsevaks trained in various aspects work in Unions, Arogya Bharathi, VHP, BJP etc.  As brothers of one family live in various houses – ‘Naabi Naala Bandam’ ideology connects all these organizations.
4.       After 1950, when Swayamsevaks went abroad and started living, Hindus are let alone from their cultural movement.  Necessity aroused when they want to perform ceremonies like Birth, marriage, death etc. Sangh initiated its work there.  In all five continents about 100 nations Sangh has 500 to 600 Shakas.  Whenever some insult is shown upon Hindus, Hindu society immediately protests and sees that the insult is set right.
We can do something for the society in any of the above four ways.  Hindus should not be left idle.We should organize and make Hindu solidarity.  These are dreams of Swami Vivekananda.  In this Guru Puja, let us make his dream come true.”  

Selvi Lalitha sung some desha bhakthi songs with her troop while samarpanam was going on. Sri B Prakaash Vibhag Saha Karyawah concluded the meeting by giving a vote of thanks.

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  2. Shri Rangahari ji's speech gave a overview of the work of RSS in various spheres and at various levels. I feel the topic chosen on the occasion was different but very pertinent.

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