Conspiracy to Sever Jammu-Kashmir from India

Conspiracy to Sever Jammu-Kashmir from India and Interlocutors’ Report

Dr. Jitender Singh, Professor of Diabetology and Endocrinology addressed a gathering of Advocates (Akhila Bharathiya Adivaktha Parishad) at YMCA Hall, Chennai on 2nd July , 2012 highlighting on the Conspiracy to Sever Jammu-Kashmir from India and the Interlocutors Report.

He contended on the point ‘Jammu-Kashmir is an issue’. The word issue means something problem. We don’t think it as a problem. It is made as an issue.  Kashmir is not issue of India. It is only an issue of Pakistan. 
He criticized on the three Nehruvian blunders occurred in the history of our country.
1.     Nehru was instrumental in accession. They say accession and not merger.  But merger happened in 1950 when States were formed on linguistic pattern.
2.     Bringing Article 370 and special status for Jammu and Kashmir. --But in 1961 it was decided that this article is no longer required and can be removed.  But today nobody is willing to remove it.
3.   Nehru took the Kashmir issue to UNO.  -- It should be clarified that the role of UNO is only for inter-country dispute and not intra-country dispute.
Dr. Jitender Singh further highlighted on conspiracy of the report as:
·        Interlocutors report does not spend any point for discussion.
·        Issue of Kashmir Pandits’ and minority has not been addressed.
·        Biological violation by taking the Kashmir problem to UNO.
·        Regional discrimination within the States
·        ‘Special’ status for Article 370 which is only temporary.
·    Urdu nomenclatures for the posts of Governor and Chief Minister is an attempt to re-instate the pre-1952 status against the Late Shyam Prasad Mukherjee’s movement for which he sacrificed his life under mysterious circumstances.
·      Report uses the term ‘Pakistan Administered Kashmir’ instead of ‘Pakistan Occupied Kashmir’. 
·      Report does not talk about Gilgit, which is a very important point for Bharat. It connects by road many important cities of the world such as Moscow, Iran, Dubai and London.
Then the gathering was followed by a question-answer session on the topic. Shri E Padmanabhan (Retd. Justice of Madras High Court) presided over the meeting.

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