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May 11, 2012

Hindu temple lands up for secular grab?

The Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Board of TN govt administers over 35,000 Hindu temples. These temples and Mutts in Tamil Nadu own 5,00,000 acres of agricultural and other lands. Non receipt of proper rent or revenue from the lands affects the temple rituals and festivals. Also, the Tamilnadu Housing Board has planned to acquire the temple lands for construction of houses/plots. But the Madras High Court has passed an order on a public interest litigation petition by the International Sri Vaishnava Dharma Samrakshana Society; the order has taken note of the irregularities in the administration of temple property. Meanwhile, disturbingly, the HR&CE Minister has informed in the State Assembly that a database of 4.78 lakh acres of temple land is being built. All these goes to prove that a secular govt. in administering Hindu temple properties is highly objectionable as shown by an incident last week when the dead body of a vaishavite saint (Sri Balahari Ramanuja Mutt, Trichy), had to be at the kept on the road because permission to perform the last rites inside the Mutt was refused by HR&CE which administers the mutt of the seer.

Advani in Madurai; warns of early polls
Speaking at the Fifth State Conference of BJP at Madurai on May 10, 2012 Shri L K Advani asked the cadre to be prepared for Lok Sabha polls. He compared the victory in an election to that of an army. He elaborated: The victory of an army depends on the Chief, the Commanders, the clarity of direction and the strategy. All the four apply to a party seeking to win the poll. Notable among the pro-Hindu demands voiced by the BJP Meet as resolutions was the announcement of Rama Sethu as a National Monument. The BJP Meet also asked the State Government to enforce the Anti-Cow Slaughter Bill in the State. 

Jerusalem Subsidy to go the way of Haj Subsidy?
Opinions expressed in the websites regarding the Supreme Courts advise to phase out the Haj Subsidy are quite candid. A few have compared the fate of Haj Subsidy to the desirable fate of Jerusalem subsidy announced by Tamilnadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha recently. To put it squarely, they want the Jerusalem subsidy to appease Christians to go lock stock and barrel. It may be remembered that the Supreme Court had advised the Government to put an end to Haj Subsidy in 10 years.

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  1. The Govt must stop the arbitrary Haj subsidy within the coming year itself and use the Rs600 crores thus saved annually to provide basic civic amenities to the rural and urban poor of this land.The Congress has played votebank politics for too long and committed treachery on the poor people who trusted it.Would BJP shed its laid-back attitude and expose the Congress at least now?