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May 4, 2012

A Doctor converts his career into Sewa

A few months back, one Shri Gurumurthy was brought to the SG MET hospital in Erode. He had met with a road accident and was suffering from brain hemorrhage. His was a poor family and they had on hand only Rs 5,000. While no other corporate hospital would have admitted the case without paying an advance of Rs 50,000, the hospital performed a surgery on him which cost the hospital over Rs 88,000, excluding the fee for doctors. A month after he was discharged, Gurumurthy went to the hospital of his own and remitted a sum of Rs 30,000 with the words: "Sir, you saved my life. I do not know whether I would have been alive today had I gone to some other hospital." Says Dr. Marimuthu Saravanan, chief medical officer of the SG MET hospital: "It is words such as these that give a doctor the fulfillment of his life. This is medical practice." The commercialization of medical profession was unbearable to him while he served a corporate hospital at the beginning of his career. He quit the job and started serving the poor and needy by founding Sri Ganapathy Medical and Educational Trust. 486 well wishers including 86 doctors joined the trust. 

The case of a coincidental conspiracy

The first week of May finds Madurai full of lakhs of devotees to participate in the chithirai festival of Goddess Meenakshi. This year the State unit of BJP is organising its State conference in a very big way in the temple city. In this background, a ‘low intensity’ bomb that exploded and damaged a Ram Temple compound wall on May 1, is seen as violence targeted at nationalist forces by anti-national elements. It is to be remembered that a pipe bomb was detected in the route of L K Advani’s Rath Yatra last year at a place near Madurai. But Tamilnadu DGP Ramanujam tried to lay down the threat perception by saying that the Madurai explosion last week was a coincidence and informed that adequate security has been provided for the BJP Meet. In the meanwhile at Rajapalayam not far from Madurai a bundle of gelatine sticks were captured by police during a vehicle check precisely on May 1, 2012.

Freedom fighter Ondithevan Memorial coming..

People of Valmiki Samaj are known as ‘Arundathi Samaj’ in Tamilnadu. A youth organisation of this SC community has demanded that they should have a sub-quota of 6% in reservations, through a resolution passed at Erode recently. By yet another resolution the outfit demanded the State Government that the construction work of a great freedom fighter of Tamilnadu born in their community, ‘Ondithevan’ be completed expeditiously so that his memorial day falling in July be celebrated at the venue. The outfit has asked the people of the community to declare themselves as ‘Arundathiars’ to whichever sub-division they may belong to, for the purpose of caste census now going.

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