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April 27, 2012

Erode Hindu Resistance Victorious:
Temple Land in CSI Clutches To Be Retrieved
A recent resolution of Erode municipal corporation seeks to retrieve a huge piece of Hindu temple land from the illegal clutches of the Church of South India (CSI) in view of the snowballing Hindu resistance in the town. The land in question belongs to devi periya maariyamman temple, centre of devotion for the entire district. First of all, a unique Bandh that was total and without any untoward incidents was held on May 28, 2010. The Bandh call was given by a struggle group 'Movement for Retrieving Periya Mariyamman Temple Land' comprising devotees of a Kali temple centrally located in the bustling commercial town. The demands of the Movement include retrieval of 12.56 acres of temple land that Church of South India (CSI) possesses illegally. The land was snatched from Hindus and handed over by Britishers to London Mission. More recently, the Highways Department started work on a flyover running above the centuries old temple, adding insult to injury. The 'Movement for Retrieving Periya Mariyamman Temple Land' submitted a memorandum to the Mayor of Erode Municipal Corporation requesting to drop the flyover menace. 30 Ward Councillors of various parties – accounting for three-fourth of the Council strength - had signed the memorandum. Based on this Memorandum, the Highways Department has stopped the work. Lately, during the temple celebrations in March 2012, the town witnessed a high Hindu wave – around 5,000 women participating in the paal kudam (Milk Pot) procession. Usually only 300-400 women used to participate. 'Movement for Retrieving Periya Mariyamman Temple Land' also submitted individual letters to all the 60 councillors of the district for retrieval of temple land. The photocopies of the documents obtained through RTI Act were also enclosed. Sensing the mood of the Hindus, the Municipal Corporation passed a resolution that the land that the CSI possessed illegally should be retrieved. It is also resolved that initially unfinished 80 feet road be completed to ease the traffic snarl; the road will cut through the present CSI premises.

Stree Shakti to Make Bharat a Space Shakti !

Space scientist Smt Valarmathi hailing from Coimbatore, Tamilnadu is all set to do the country proud. Read on: India's radar imaging satellite, 1,858 kg RISAT -1, the heaviest one to be lifted by ISRO's Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle is set to launch on Thursday, April 26, 2012. India currently depends on images from a Canadian satellite as domestic remote sensing spacecraft cannot take pictures of the ground during cloud cover. This is the first time ISRO is launching its own RISAT. Director of the project N. Valarmathi operates from the command centre in Bengaluru. She is the second woman scientist in India’s space history to head such a mission and also the first woman from this State to head such a project. As project director, she is responsible for delivery and functioning of the 1,858-kg RISAT. T K Anuradha was the first woman scientist to head a space mission when GSAT-12 was launched on July 15, 2011.

A Refreshing way to do Seva

Nearly 1,00,000 pilgrims from different places across the world have darshan of Lord Balaji at Tirumala every day. Recently darshan to Lord Balaji at Tirumala took a long time for the devotees. Do you why? Chennai Food Bank a project of Rajasthan Youth Association organized a special trip for 1,008 mentally retarded children to Tirupathi from Chennai in a chartered train during the first week of April. Chennai Food Banksupplies 26,000 kgs of grains every month to over 200 orphanages and institutions meant for the differently-abled. Chennai Food Bank, which has served over two crore meals since its inception, is celebrating 25 years of service and has arranged for this train trip under its project called ‘Apna Bana Lo’ Scheme.
Talking about the initiative, Anand, the co-chairman says, “2012 commemorates the silver jubilee anniversary of the Rajasthan Youth Association and what better way to celebrate than this — taking God’s own children to His abode?” For these differently abled kids from the city, a visit to Tirupathi is like a dream come true.

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