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April 20, 2012

Long Drawn Hindu Resistance Helps Thousands of Pilgrims

Hindu Munnani workers and supporters in the pilgrim town of Thirukalukundram, Kanchipuram district, celebrated a recent victory for Hindu pilgrims. Now they can view Nandi unhindered. A little flashback here: The Nandi in question is the first one among the 8 around the ancient Veda Gireeswar (Shiva) temple at the foothills of the holy mountain venerated as an embodiment of Vedas by the devout for millennia. Performing Giri Pradakshina of the hill is considered as worship of Vedas. Thousands throng the place for Giri Pradakshina. But the illegal structures put up by a ward councilor with political clout completely encircled the first Nandi and pilgrims were unable to have a mandatory Darshan of Nandi prior to worshipping Shiva. For 25 long years this intrusion continued, till Hindu Munnani workers led by district secretary Shri Mani, protested to the obstruction. A struggle for 7 years ensued. A recent petition to the state government by the Hindu Munnani had the desired result. The illegal structures were demolished and the Nandi came into view once again.

Unholy Greed of St Joseph School Thoroughly Exposed

Thiruvannamalai (Tamilnadu): It was April 16. SSLC public exams were going on at Mount Saint Joseph Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Tiruvannamalai District, Tamilnadu. The school was one of the 70 examination centres in the district. 763 students including 284 of the school, were writing their examination there. It was mathematics paper that day.
On receiving an email alert, a surprise check was conducted by the District Collector Anshul Mishra accompanied by squad officers at the school. It was found that the management had organized mass cheating by students that day in its unholy greed to record 100 percent pass result by the school. Model answer sheets had been distributed among the students.
The education department officers suspended 7 teachers of the school in this connection. School Education Minister N R Sivapathy informed the state Legislative Assembly the same day that the State Government was considering action against the school. 
Sources said that normally schools are admonished and nothing else is done keeping in view the inconvenience to students; but in this case de-recognition is sure to follow as the offence is too blatant. All the 4,000 students of the Mount Saint Joseph Matriculation Higher Secondary School would be asked to join other schools in the town, the sources added.

From waste to educational tools 

M Mani of Chennai, a MSW (Master of Social Work) student, collects electronic waste like CDs thrown on roads, outdated cellphone parts and pen-drives. He demonstrats a science experiments with the help of household objects in a simple manner. He makes several science models using e-wastes. Mani ties a thread to a CD and rotates it to explain the centrifugal force. He uses waste LED bulbs and copper wires to create a model generator.“The vibrator machine in the cellphones could be used to design a small fan. I can explain the concept of VIBGYOR using waste DVDs. Kindling interest in astronomy in the students has bagged ‘Best science content developer’ in 2009.

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