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April 13, 2012

A Cultural Crime The NHAI Is Set To Commit in Tamilnadu
“We will not allow even a single stone from the temple to be removed,” devotees asserted. The temple referred to is a 1,300 year old Tirupuravar Panankateesvarar  (Shiva Temple) in Panaiyapuram village near Vikkiravandi, Villupuram District, Tamilnadu.  It faces demolition by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) for road widening.   NHAI has ear marked some portion of the temple to be demolished which would erase the history of the temple.  Shocked and annoyed Panaiyapuram villagers and residents of Pappanpattu, Mundiyambakkam, Kappiyampuliyur and Thuravi villages under the leadership of R P Pugazhendi, former village Panchayat met the Collector of Villupuram District and submitted a petition. Villagers also went to Chennai and submitted a petition to the NHAI Officials. R.P. Pugazhendhi, former president of the Panaiyapuram panchayat, said: “We are spending sleepless nights. Almost the entire temple including the sanctum, the shrines for goddess Satyambikai, Ganesa and Muruga will be demolished. There is enough land on the west of the temple for the broadened highway to go through.” According to Dr. Nagaswamy, former Director, Tamil Nadu Archaeology Department, “on the first day of the Tamil month of Chithirai every year (this year it is April 13), the sun rays fall on the Sivalinga enshrined in the sanctum and the idol of Satyambikai. The temple's orientation is so perfect that this happens.” There are inscriptions mentioning the victory of Rajendra Chola over kadaram (now Malesiya) in this temple. All that will be destroyed if the NHAI is allowed to have its way. 

Tamil Writer Gives Away Rs 11 Crores to Service  Organisations

Smt R. Chudamani was a popular Tamil short story writer of yester years. That her writings created a lasting impact on the Tamil literary scene is a known fact. But  Chudamani's contribution does not stop with her words. Through the will that she executed, she had wanted all her properties to go to charity, thereby creating a tangible difference to the underprivileged whom she vociferously represented through her works.Last week, the second phase of the execution of her will took place at the Ramakrishna Mutt Universal Temple, where the proceeds from her shares, bonds and other such assets were distributed equally to three charitable institutions: The Ramakrishna Mission Students Home, The Ramakrishna Mission Charitable Dispensary and the Voluntary Health Services, Adyar. The total proceeds in this phase amounted to Rs 6.3 crore, with each of the three organisations getting a sum of Rs 2.1 crore. In the earlier phase last year, a sum of Rs 4.5 crore, proceeds from her properties such as buildings, was distributed to the three organisations equally. Speaking at the event, Justice V Ramasubramaniam of Chennai High Court said that not just Chudamani's writings, but her charitable deeds have also set a great example for the society to follow.

Entire Village Benefits After Hindus Take charge

About 97 years back, two ponds belonging to a Vinayaka temple in village Sadayaman Kulam in the Cheran Mahadevi block of Tirunelveli district were taken over by Christians  who are now the dominant section in the village. Shri Perumal, president of the local unit of Hindu Munnani, searched for the documents of the temple and was successful in securing them. Armed with evidence, he preferred a suit in the Madurai bench of Madras High court and got a favourable decree, which declared Perumal and 18 others as the rightful managers of the temple ponds. As a result, the entire village now benefits by the fishing lease outcome from the ponds.

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