Press Release by RSS Prantha Sanghachalak Ma. M L Raja, Uttar Tamilnadu

Press Release by RSS Prantha Sanghachalak Ma. M L Raja, Uttar Tamilnadu

Ma. M L Raja, State President of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, Uttar Tamilnadu, addressed the press conference at Chennai on 20.3.2012.  He briefed the press with the resolutions passed at the Akhila Bharatha Pradinidhi Sabha Bitak, Nagpur. He also briefed on the statement issued by Sarkarywah Sri Bhayyaji Joshi on the issue of new evidence of atrocities against civilian Tamils in Sri Lanka.

Dr. M L Raja, Prantha Sanghachalak (Uttar Tamilnadu), Sri Sadagopan,
Prantha Prachar Pramukh (Uttar Tamilnadu)


The new evidence highlighted by sections of media points to large scale violation of human rights in Sri Lanka during the final stages of the conflict in the North of the island. Gory visuals of innocent civilian Tamils being victimized in large numbers are quite disturbing and call for all-round condemnation.

The RSS had always held that innocent civilians shouldn’t be made to suffer in the conflict of Sri Lanka and the Tamils, as equal citizens of that country, should be able to enjoy all legitimate rights along with the remaining Simhala people.

We call upon the Sri Lanka government to do the utmost to alleviate the sufferings of the Tamils in that country and also ensure proper rehabilitation, security and political rights to them.

Lasting peace will return to Sri Lanka only when the government amply addresses the Tamil population’s grievances and concerns. It is also imperative that attempts to throw a wedge between the people of Tamil and Simhala origin must be defeated.

The Government of India should take appropriate position on the issue on the international forums keeping these sentiments in mind.


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  1. This is Not a Proper Statement. this statement equal to Former CM Karunanithi Statement....

    We want know the RSS Stand for UN Human Right Resolution....Support or Oppose??

    because 19.02.2012 Dinamalar Tamil Daily page No -11 Published News...

    RSS Oppose the UN Human rights Resolution....

    Kindly Explain Our Stand for this Issue...


    Swayam Sevak

  2. Hindu Council objects Buddhist Vihara replacing Saiva temple in Kokku'laay
    [TamilNet, Tuesday, 27 March 2012, 16:24 GMT]
    The construction of a Buddhist Vihara in the site after the destruction of several decade old Pi'l'laiyaar temple at Kokku'laay in Mullaith-theevu district cannot be allowed, said C.Yogeswaran, Batticaloa district Tamil National Alliance (TNA) parliamentarian in a memorandum to Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister D.M.Jayatrena who also hold the post of Ministry of Buddha Sasana. Mr Yogeswaran has sent the memorandum in the capacity of vice president of All Ceylon Hindu Council.

    Yogeswaran has pointed out to the SL Prime Minister that Buddhist Viharas are being constructed in Tamil areas where not a Sinhalese lived earlier.

    “I have brought these injustices done to Saivites for your consideration several times. But you have failed to address the issues. Please take immediate steps to stop constructing Buddhist Viharas after destroying the Hindu temples,” said Mr Yogeswaran in his memorandum to the SL Prime Minister.

    Viharas are being constructed surrounding the spots where Buddha statues had been planted by the Sri Lanka Army, especially in the vicinity of their camps, in the North and Eastern provinces.

    “Such mischievous attempts would lead to animosity between the peoples,” the MP told SL Prime Minister in his letter.

    Tamil Saivites and Christians were the natives of Kokku'laay. There was no historical evidence to show that Sinhala Buddhists were living there.

    Under the current circumstance, many Hindu temples are being destroyed and Buddhist Viharas are being erupted under the guidance of Buddhist prelates in the North and Eastern provinces. This wanton destruction of Saiva koayils, going on for the last 3 years, could not be allowed any more, the MP further said.

  3. In a Delhi christian mission hospital when i was directed by my collegue for stomach ailment, in the patient data form they had kept a column for religion in the form to be filled up. Is this as per medical ethics?