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RSS at the service of Tiruppur flood hit

First week of November witnessed torrential rains which battered the Tiruppur city, the national knitwear export centre and a District Headquarters.  Low-lying areas and dwellings got marooned as the Noyyal River entered the town causing flood. Nearly 15000 people were rendered homeless. RSS volunteers along with other Hindu organizations immediately plunged into relief action. They rescued the children, ladies and aged people from the flood and were safely sheltered in the nearby schools. Toothpowder, milk, bread, tea, water packets etc. were initially supplied to them. 600 rubber sheets, buckets, biscuits were also supplied. Food packets for around 6000 persons were distributed by the RSS volunteers. Ready Selfless Service by the RSS volunteers were well appreciated by the locals. 

VHP puts a full stop to caste clash in Uthapuram

Three decades of animosity between the two sections of Hindu society Pillaimars and Dalits was brought to an end at the Sannithi of Divine Mother Muthallamman. (Kali) in Uthapuram., Maudurai on November 10, thanks to focused attempts of Hindu organizations led by VHP.  Earlier, the village witnessed a major bloodshed when the two sections (Pillaimars and Dalits) clashed between themselves. Caste wall which was built in 1989 prevented the sight of the temple to the Dalits. Various measures were taken periodically to bring peace between the sections of Hindu society. Vishwa Hindu Parishad State Joint Secretary Chinmaya Somasundaram, BJP Joint leader of Education Wing Pon Karunanidhi and various community leaders participated in the meeting held by Madurai D/istrict SP Asra Garg. VHP saw to it that Hindus on both side of the caste divide were brought together in a congenial atmosphere for talks that achieved the purpose. These peace talks had given fruitful results to the village allowing the Harijan to enter the temple by the other section of Hindu society been widely appreciated.  

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