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RSS attracts more community leaders

‘RSS is a disciplined service organization like NCC. There are various negative versions about this organization. But when I came here and observed, I felt that they are not true. I am proud to preside over this function. Recently, my 75th birthday celebration was conducted on a grand scale. But this function gives me more happiness. This organization should grow in strength. I will also render my support to this organization’, said Sri Chinnamani Naadar President of Naadar Community Association who presided over the Vijayadhasmi function on 6th October, 2011 at Jain Temple Grounds, Porur, Chennai.

Sri Chinnamani Naadar addressing the gathering
‘This is an excellent programme.  I have criticized and opposed this organization many times.  I have written articles criticizing the organization. Elders here, explained me about the services rendered by the Organization. Seeing the exercise done by you, a transformation occurred in me. This day gives me a great pleasure.  Today, in name freedom, lots of atrocities are being done. There are several instruments destroying Hindus and Hindu faith. RSS is rendering service to correct this. This organization should grow.  I promise that I shall work shoulder to shoulder with RSS’, said Sri Krishna Paraiyannar, President of Ambedkar Puratchi Puligal (who proudly declares himself as a person of Paraiya community).  Various community leaders from Yadhava Sangam, Devar Sangam, Vishnu Sharma Sangam and All India Iyyappa Seva Sangam etc. participated in the function.
Sri Krishna Paraiyanaar

Sri D Shankar, Sri Chinnamani Naadar, Sri Krishna Paraiyanaar, Sri Durai Shankar on the dias

Sri D Shankar, Pranth Shareerik Pramukh, Uttar Tamilnadu spoke on relevance of Vijayadhasmi and emphasized the need for forces of the good to organize.  Sri Durai Shankar, Vibhag Sanghachalak participated in the function.

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